#B90X - DAY 75 - People Change when you go Pro



I’ve always had a very small group of people to socialize with, and it got even smaller last year when I ended most of them. Those relationships were not positive for my growth as a person, and some of them were even negative. Besides my family which has always been supportive I only have one acquaintance that I’m considering letting go, I’ll have to do some more thinking about it.


I only hang out with my partner and baby which she is very supportive of me. Hang out with my friend that got me into crypto to talk about all the big things happening in the background of crypto very positive individual. Also hang out with my cousin time to time to catch up. Which he is the same and has never changed even though he has been wanting to since high school so I rarely see him.

This is why I feel blessed to be apart of this community alot of inspiring positive people in here.


this is a good one for sure. I started this journey 3 years a go. started cutting off ppl one by one. It was hard. I’ve known them since high school. but I had to. they were using me because I had a little bit of money. un like them I always worked for what i got. and they knew I didn’t want to have fun by myself. and I was stupid and allowed them to use me. but that shit stopped!!! so now I have All new friends. some are on here now to. that’s cool lol. there was a lot of ppl I was blind to. Its an experience that will teach me that I just need to protect my self better that’s all. So I now understand making better decision and I have and It has helped so much. I was being used for my money so I wised up after years of being stupid for being that nice trying to save the world lol.


Couldn’t agree more.


There has been a great culling of relationships for the last two to three years, which has lifted quite a bit of weight off of my shoulders. The challenge I’m having though is finding people I respect and admire locally, most of them are in different time zones and even abroad. I guess it’s the way of the interconnected world.