#B90X - DAY 74 - Your Life Gets Simple... When You Go Pro


Last two days sticking just stick with the simple daily habits remove excess activities. No one new has noticed


I love keeping it simple. The old saying KISS keep it simple Stupid. That is the truth. I know @CryptoMom has noticed because I am sure she is tired of hearing Blockchain Designed Life. :rofl: But fortunately for me she is on board 100% she even helped me lay out the pay off the house plan this afternoon. She makes my world spin. :+1: I got the position today that I applied for like 4 weeks ago. I start Friday so the “Time is Now”. To answer the question on this day 74 YES even my dad asked me yesterday what was my starting weight and what did I weigh now. I told him I started January the 1st and I weigh whatever i do now. Honestly I never weighed I only kept up with the weight on the bar, laps ran, and knew when my clothes were to big and the doctor conducting my physical told me how good my cardio was on his screen that someone was noticing. :beers:


people in my life have absolutely noticed a change in more so my habits than in me, but I am the accumulation of my habits so the change is happening and it is getting noticed on some level. It is hard to change but I’m dedicated to the transformation, I’m so excited to keep growing.


People around me have noticed changed, my parents and brother can see my effort and discipline that is being put in day in day out. They are able to see that i am trying to work towards something.

My friends around can also see some change, asking why I haven’t been catching up as often as i would and so on. I’m looking forward to see where i am in a couple of years time and to see what a can accomplish living the block-chained life.


I’ve always been a bit different being an entrepreneur so I think everyone around me is just used to my drive. My kids have said that it looks like I finally found a group that I can fit with so that could be the difference. By my learning about crypto, my kids are learning and doing things to accumulate crypto so others are noticing what my kids are saying and doing, especially my 6 yr old bitcoin preacher. He tells everyone that they should get their crypto wallet and some bitcoin. :rofl:


I’m not around anyone for them to notice changes. Besides Grandon. I’m a hermit :shell:. Grandon has noticed though. Some days he’ll be like ‘ahhh you’re on day such and such’ :joy:. But I have definitely noticed changes in myself. I put up with a lot less shit. Less distractions. I’m more productive. I don’t worry about things I can’t change. It is what it is. It’ll be what it’ll be. I take action on the things that I can change. I’m a lot more focused. And yes, life is much simpler.


good question
actually, nope, I am perceived as a weirdo, so I’m under the radar

What was helpful for me are the introspection questions, the technical analysis and the extra confidence you get by being consistent with what you commit to do


People definitely noticed when I started. I fell off and relapsed into amateur ways. As of right now I am home ill, not prepared to launch into new diet and workout routine. Antibiotics are limiting me.
Financially we are chugging along in a good way.

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Not only have others seen the change but I can see it as well. Another great vid Peter!

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