#B90X - DAY 74 - Your Life Gets Simple... When You Go Pro



well my wife sees that im less defensive with ppl and that I try to be understanding with more of an open mind. I’ve stopped watching T.V. and haven’t played a video game. Everything I watch is car or crypto related. I’ve been eating way better now. taking my junk food money and extra cash I was spending on shit to build a mining rig and to D.C.A. into btc. ppl at work see a person trying to change his life positively. I’ve got friends that see me being so much happier and positive about everything.


There is definitely a huge change and I get this a lot… Yesterday 5th May 2018 was a good day all my siblings are switched on about crypto and its humbling to see us discussing on Bitcoin, Altcoins and Blockchain stuff… I still get the “Bitcoin on ya” thing. The beautiful thing is am the go to person to consult and ask on any Bitcoin related question from my friends. Its all about persistence in this course.


Simplicity in action, direction, engagements, decisions and commitments. Man it feels good to become a Spartan in terms of focus and drive. Decisions are much easier to make when you have a focus and mission. Pro all the way