#B90X - DAY 72 - #1 Sign You're an Amateur



I’ll read, get up early, lift and eat healthy tomorrow! :blush:


Now you know that ain’t so… :sunglasses:


Such amateur here bro. I’ve got work to do


Lol, actually every time I see the B90x intro and I see the ripped dude, it makes me feel like I should be at the gym!
Today’s lesson is short and concise but straight to the point. It reminds me what my mom used to tell me when I used to tell her, I’ll do it later or tomorrow. “What if there is no tomorrow, a lot of things can happen from now and tomorrow and you never know.”
Sadly, I still say, I’ll do it tomorrow sometimes xD


Super amateur here got a lot of plans for future that require money but rather get magic internet money and use the gains later. Do daily habits but that ain’t building sheet besides myself.


I’ll dca on Friday just like I have done all year.


i love this one and i know what to do… fight the resistance that wants to make me lazy and get shit done
train my mind to become the pro


Procrastination is the thief of time…as my speech teacher used to say.

DAY 72 – I gotta get back to the salt mines…:bch: :nem::litecoin::eth::bitrocket:


You know what to do… you know what to do… you know what to do… don’t start tomorrow! Start the day after! :joy:

Kidding, start today, get ahead now. Everyday you wait you allow someone else to take what you want. Start yesterday!


It’s done. Whats next?