#B90X - DAY 71 - Amateur's Live in the Past



For the longest time the ppl I surrounded with held me back. I tried to keep all my high school friends. they were my drug friends. the good time friends! not the smartest I know now. lol but I tried to help them to get to my level. It held me back a lot because my friends couldn’t. If I did they gave me shit for acting better than them. I’m not better than them. I just stopped getting fucked up all the time and found that had money. as I got sober I couldn’t watch my friends get fucked up. not because I wanted to. I had to watch them after they were high. not fun!!! but as I cut friends I found that they were steeling from me too. not cool!!! but now That’s behind me I’ve got good ppl around me that support me in every way. and now the Pub too!!! And talking here helps a lot thank you @peter!!!


I love this well stated.


Glad you’re here, Zealot :slight_smile: Let’s get it! Today, and into the future :smiley:


Like I always say, “stop staring at it and just flush it!” That pretty much sums up how useful it is to live staring at the past.


Living in the past is a bad notion. Thinking about the past can be helpful, but not healthy at the same time. I for one have a bad tendency of not managing my money well when I have extra income. Currently, I am debt free with some extra cash at my disposal. Making better decisions will be something I need to overcome in order not to be stuck in the past (high debts).



I :100: agree with @nathan words.

Very good lesson. I don’t want to live in past anymore. There’s no way I will go through life by watching behind my back all the time.