#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1




Wow. It’s been a week already?!

After going over the last seven days comments… whew… it’s been one helluva week though. Glad it’s almost over.

I think being around for over a year, a lot of these daily disciplines have already set in. So I’m really enjoying it.


I feel like everything been learning isn’t second natural yet. Positive thinking and the why is unconscious competenace but being at ideal pinnacle state of doing as well is still a conscious effort. Ultimately want to get to unconscious competence of doing and thinking.


It is amazing how sometimes it takes being put in situations that cause regressive behavior to see how far you’ve come and still have to go. Have had the extended ish family around recently and there definitely some areas were I slipped up, but I found my new footing and definitely have some small victories to celebrate.


I’m ready and 2 weeks behind rest of the team. That’s my thoughts around Retrospective week