#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



I love reading your posts William. Good to have you here brother


Nice to know, but have you heard of someone doing a service to help others set up there accounts. I’ve never done anything like that before, but it sounds like a good way to earn some extra Bitcoin. What do to think?


No I never heard of anyone doing this as a service, but recently I saw someone charging almost 2K$ but in polish currency for creating ERC20 and those stuff makes me angry.

I wouldn’t charge anyone for those services, I know you can find everything on YouTube, Peter did great introduction on B90X.
Personally I don’t see market for those type of services.


Read the white paper
Facing the moon!
Doing this for my family and my self.
Peter and Andreas inspire me.
I have eliminated a good amount of time waste, but I still need to be better.
Financial waste, I think I am pretty good, but I can probably trim just a bit more.
2nd time through B90X, LETS DO IT!!!


Having retrospective moment about last week.

So far so good, changes and challenges ahead!

Have a great day B90X team!


In it for the long haul didn’t forget my convictions and can’t forget them at this point. Have been slacking in reading this week though. Been writing more ideas and researching for Yen than reading need to balance it out though that timebox.


I feel good about starting B90X again. And it’s really cool we started again with a big group!!
I’m very focused on improving myself every day! Looking forward to start week 2. :muscle:


looking back 7 days and 78 days its good to remind myself everyday why im here and where i want to be and become


My personal universe has changed. I see a different future for myself that wasn’t there a couple months ago. I find myself on a path that is strange, exciting, and nerve-wrecking. I have new goals the strong convictions as to why I’m reaching for those goals. I’ve cleaned off my table so that I could actually concentrate on those goals. I’ve been juggling a job, kids, wife, house, animals, and now the crypto universe, and I’m doing it better than I thought I would. I seem to be getting more things done and still able to study this new topic. I’m starting to invest and I’m starting to trade. I see the moon, and I have it in my sights. I will be there.


I’m going to pick this back up with yall, this time Ill share with the pub…its changing our lives, together, most awesome!
If you’re not a #patreon yet you are missing out on our discord, which is building ridiculous wealth in so many ways…so what are you waiting for??


Haven’t forgotten at all, in it to win it. When it comes to certain disciplines and habits I’m trying to form I do definitely fall off the boat from time to time but I always get back to it. The main thing is facing myself and being honest with I fell off and usually it is I added too many things at once than I have time for. Let’s go team, I know I was late on this one oops :see_no_evil:


this is my week in review and a reflection on my first time on b90x

  1. ) I re-read the white paper. hell i should read it a third time. 2.) I am still sticking with my DCA goals of 100 bucks bi-weekly. its not much but it’s the best i can do. Something is better than nothing. Financial freedom for me will not happen over night, but through hard work and discipline I might achieve my 5 year plan. 3.) My family financial health and well being is my conviction. 4.)People that who inspire change all the time. I really would like to add Peter and John to the list, their drive, charisma, and conviction should inspire everyone. 5 -6.) Waste elimination is hard. financially i have cut as much as i can. Personally there just isn’t enough hours in the day. I need to time box a lot better than i do now. I also need to expect more from my fiancée than i do now. 7.) Not much has changed since i started b90x. grinding hoping to make this experiment a life style.


Retrospecting my comment before week ended squeezed in 100 pages of reading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s been an awesome six days!

I said I was going to stay focused on my goals and keep track of where I spend my time and I have thus far. Tracking where my time goes has helped me to keep myself accountable. One thing I need to remember to do is take breaks.Otherwise, I’m stoked about the progress!

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Thanks Bitcoin Pub! See you tomorrow!


:point_up: what I said I was going to do - also watch and comment on other cohorts videos - participating