#b90x - DAY 7 - Retrospective Week 1



I am on track, working smarter & feeling good about myself…


On track but always room for improvement along the way!


One of the things I’m lacking at the moment is working out consistently. By the end of this program will make it a habitual habit been doing good this week on working out though.

Discipline is not where I want to be yet but day by day I’m getting better and better and my body is strong made of trillions of cell working in harmony is my mantra for wealth and health.


On track. Small improvements each day. Always begin each day with the end in mind.


TOYOTA invented that stuff and it works. It’s brilliant.


1 Forget any pre-conceived ideas
2 Think how to succeed rather than explaining why something cannot be done
3 Quickly implement good improvement proposals
4 Get 60 % now , do not wait for perfection
5 Correct errors immediately, because it’s an opportunity
6 Turn up , difficulties into opportunity
7 Discover the real cause , apply the 5 "why " steps and then look for a solution
8 Take into account ideas from 10 people rather than waiting for an individual brillant idea
9 Try and then validate ideas
10 No limit to the improvement


I am a later starter to the program and SUPER focused on the changes that will make such a monumental change to my life overall. It is a shame that some fall short, but if it was easy, everyone would do it and the accomplishment would mean less my friend!


KAIZEN!!! love it. Moving forward and loving the program so far.
Staying focused.


Firstly, the eliminating waste exercise has been very helpful. Just the act alone of writing my actions into a journal has improved my efficiency, by holding myself accountable to myself. It has set-up some lovely work/family boundaries and just in the space of a week I have experienced a reduction in my stress levels, increased productivity and focus, increased quality family time and there is now a lightness and happiness in the home which is just awesome!
I work from home, so often my work nights bleed into family time and cause me a lot of stress. I am sometimes very irritable towards family members, particularly if I feel they are distracting me or demanding too much of my attention while I’m trying to get shit done. I’ve discussed my new work boundary goals with my wife and now we are both on the same page. I stop my work for family time at 4pm. No exceptions. This week has been lovely!
I am still focused on my big goal, my direction that I am facing and why I am doing this. I am determined and steadfast.
Finances? I have taken some action to eliminate expenses and cancel some unnecessary subscriptions and have only taken the family out to dinner once this week. I need to find more time to list items for sale on ebay/craigslist etc. Everything must go! NOW!
Where have I fallen short this week? One of my disciplinary goals is to increase my health and physical well-being by working out each day and eating better… Ummm… this has not happened. Gotta tighten the screws… and the waistline.
Adjustment to schedule. I have been getting up an hour earlier in the morning and this has helped me feel like I have a headstart on the day and has also contributed to increasing the quality family time… The morning’s have been relaxed and happy. I have been present and totally focused on the people I love. Which is amazing! Because the whole point of working my ass off is for the love of my family anyway! I need to focus on them and spend time with them and enjoy them every singe day. Not to be stressed and pissed off. I’m excited that we may have struck the magical balancing point! Woo!
Great exercises @dogelord ! Thank you for your guidance!!!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.



Kaizen! I’ve been applying these principles professionally and personally for the last couple of years. These principles make you more resilient in life and allow you to quickly pivot your life as to meet all the demands it throws at you. Great program DogeLord! First fix your leaks, THEN focus on moving forward… well played DogeLord, well played!


What did you say you were going to do? continue my path in the maritime industry and keep learning about crypto’s, eliminate wasteful spending, toxic/controlling people from my life and spending time on facebook reading about things that doesn’t concern me or help me progress in any way

Have you forgotten already? yes, going to delete all of the facebook pages that’s not bringing true value of where i’m facing in life

What do you need to continue to remember to do? write all of my points of what i’m going to do on my fridge to remind me everyday of the goals iv set and going to achieve


Thank you Peter for keeping us accountable with the reminder to look back. I am taking baby steps but being consistent every day! I have also kept to my commitment to work out every morning (except Sunday) So far I am 2 weeks strong on that ! Feeling great!! Now to do some studying !


Guess I could do better on financial waste.
Thats because I didnt make the sheet yet.
I’ll put it in my calendar as a task for tomorrow.

The rest is according to plan…


I reviewed a week back, and remember what i am going to do. I remember and i will getting better everyday continuously for the sake of myself, freedom of my family, my country, and the moon tickets!!! Facing and heading in the right direction! Lets not forget about that peeps…