#B90X - DAY 68 - What is the Amateur Terrified Of?



My terror is living a wasted life. Terrified that I will not fulfill the purpose I was sent here to do. For me, a wasted life would be one in which I fail to use, or too lazy to use my available assets to achieve that which is within my grasp.

Then there is also fear of success. What if I do succeed beyond my wildest dreams? Then I would be responsible for many people/things. I may find that success isn’t all that I thought it to be.
DAY 68 – The unknown…won’t know the answers unless I go there…:bitrocket::new_moon_with_face:


I, like many others, am afraid of being stuck in a position I do not want to be in for an extensive(lifelong) amount of time. I believe in crypto, but my biggest fear related to it is I wont be ready in time. I know I am still ahead of many people, but I don’t want to get left behind. I believe we still have some time, but you aren’t always sure with crypto. Until then, accumulate.


I am in fear that all of this energy that I am putting into this crypto lifestyle will be for not. Of course when I look at it analytically, only an EMP is going to throw this train off the rails
I am in fear of loosing my humility after succeeding. I am willing to test that fear.
I’m not afraid of doing something new, but I am in fear of trying to do something new too fast. but at the same time I am in fear of stepping into the crypto lifestyle too slow. I k,now I am going to make mistakes, so I might as well know that doing something the second time is always easier. lol. Its just more expensive.’
'I am willing to confront my fears, and do. But knowing there are others that are in the same boat as I am does makes it a bit easier.


I agree with everyone that being stuck at work when you have much larger dreams is fearful. Action speaks larger than words. I am currently on mission #1 " Pay off the Mortgage " Day by day step by step. It requires me to be stuck at work, but at least I know why I’m there. Thinking this way helps me. :+1:


Shame is gone only patience & grind remains :muscle:


I’m fearful of the amount of time I have vs what it actually takes to win the grind. Just got to keep grinding and make it work.


My fear is being hurt again by dishonest individuals. When building a business you need to be able to trust the people your working with however because of some previously negative experiences, I’m very cautious when talking or bringing on team members.