#B90X - DAY 66 - Facing Resistance



The neighbours dogs barking all the fucking time!!!
So today I bit the bullet and complained to the council.


Absolutely. I know exactly what you mean man.


Distracted me today:
Cell phone
Crypto markets


It’s true, that resistance factor and destructions, which as @Trilamanila said before, is that mobile.

When I will be back from the gym I need definitely check working without internet connection. I’m curious how long I last. :slight_smile:


My distractions were:

Crypto market
Impatient assholes


Coworker Ryan
Wife texting
Wanting to open all emails vs. knocking them out one by one. :slight_smile:


My main distraction is my phone, I call it my 11th finger. Mainly work stuff but Oh Gawwwd that 11th finger keeps me distracted. :cryingjordan:


Like the tale of the two shoe salesman, It’s all about perspective.


Well, we all know that you are not you when you are hungry.


I was time boxing as well, the beginning was easy but I slowly started doing it less and less. I gotta get back on that horse real quickk.


I am the CEO of a small company and go nuts from e-mails and calls. I would love to read your update whenever you post it. Thanks for sharing :+1: