#B90X - DAY 64 - Who's Going to Choose Your Life For You?


They are very supportive of my goals and path. I just get that tunnel vision. So I think they would ask me to exercise more tolerance and patience for those around me. This does support my own growth, and patience is important. I can’t make everything happen in one day, or one week. I know they are at least 99% behind me, even if I haven’t got them fully convinced on Crypto (yet).


My family is the driving force that sustains my drive towards a more secure future.


My family has always been very supportive of me, and they still are. I consider myself to be a fortunate man.


I chose the hard road with no college degree so I believe my family would have chosen the scholar. I know they are absolutely proud of my achievements and success, work ethic, drive etc. The knowledge barrier is tough but I’d give it up a thousand times for outstanding character, humble, great attitude and care free no stress kind of helpful loving personality I’ve molded. :wink: Some things are priceless and they love me for it - good people are hard to come by :wink: Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Those closest to me would simply want me to be happy and live a good, healthy life. These are all things I am working towards now. Crypto and blockchain tech has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to create life changing wealth and to be part of a technological revolution. My goals will continue to follow the overall mission to become debt free and live a life of financial security and happiness.


Those who care most about me, my family mainly, have always told me, you do what you want to do but if you decide to do something, you have to give it your all even if you fail.
I recently had a chat with my mom about my next professional move. I am currently in the transition or looking to change my career path and leave the import/export business. I asked my mom what she thought about it and she said that following my passion or something I am really interested is great and all but she does know me too well and she knows I sometimes struggle with finishing projects. I love trying new things and doing different things all the time but yes, I admit I do get distracted by newer projects and sometimes won’t finish something and leave it hanging for later, and most of the times, I don’t even come back to those projects.
Definitely need to work on my task finishing skills and resilience towards hard tasks/projects and not give up too easily. Baby steps.


She sounds like a keeeeeeeeper man, it sounds like you should bring her breakfast more often to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:


My parents will be supportive once have the gains. My girl just wants to be with me and be happy together she is supportive 100% and I am grateful for that. My friends know I’m on my grind just taking care of my family and working they are supportive as well even though don’t really see them.


When i quit college to go work on a fishing boat with my dads brother in law my mum was super pissed at me and begged me to finish and have a good education.

I could see my dad was proud what ever i done as long as i was happy and gave it my best.

When i came home with a brand new subaru wrx parked in her drive way at 18 she was shocked i made good money working on a stinky fishing boat and made more than i would have ever if i finished college with debt and on a small trainee wage for the first 4 years.

My mother always tryed to be controlling and my father was more care free and only wanted happyness

I think she has realised now being over 30 i live my own life the way i want to haha but thats what you get for having asian mothers


At one time there were eight of us kids growing up in a house with one bathroom. Our parents pushed us to get jobs, get out in the world and support ourselves. They always looked into what we were doing and encouraged our direction as long as we remained conservative mainstream, which was difficult in the 60s and 70s. If our lives were a deviation from the standard they adopted the “wait and see” approach.

Self-reliance for their children was of main concern and secondly success. No one wants to see their children struggling financially in their early years of independence or, worse yet, see dysfunctionality in their starter family. Yet at some period each on of us is eventually “on our own”, taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions (like a BTC professional).

It reminds me of a bad decision and a lesson I learned in microbiology. The ultimate test of any microbiology student (and a major part of our final grade) is being able to identify, through testing, an unknown bacterium given by an instructor. Each student was given a different specimen and given three days to solve for the correct identity. Five minutes after receiving the unknown bacterium, I had it figured out.

However, listening to others I began to doubt my tested results. I used the entire three days to test and retest. At the time I did not know that the more you test and retest a specimen, the higher the probability of cross contamination and the higher probability for error. Needless to say, after two days I started yielding inconclusive (in my mind) results and asking others opinions. My final answer was wrong and I suffered for it.

Since that experience I have always resolve to do my own work, my best work, take responsibility for the outcome and live with the results. I decided that my brain works as well as anyone else’s, I just have to decide to use it and apply it. If I do it wrong or get the wrong answer, at least I did the work myself. Winners learn from their mistakes, losers do the same dumb shit over and over hoping for different results.

DAY 64 – Do your own work… you’ll be happier for it. :grin::man_playing_handball::man_cartwheeling::dancer::man_dancing::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball:


I am an only child, so am very independent. It is actually very difficult for me to deal with others sometimes because the are dependent on others when they don’t need to be.

So my first thought when posed the question, “What would those who care most about you have for you if they could chose your life for you? What do you think they would have you do differently?”, was, I do not care. But that is not really the exercise here.

My wife, my kids, and my parents are all encouraging me in what I am doing. That is good, but the matter of fact is, that if they did not, I would just keep on striving, and maybe harder so I could give them a big ‘told-you-so’ on the other side.

I know, at my core, that I am on the right track. I do not need confirmation. Its empirical.
What I am looking for now is how to do it faster, bigger, and more efficient.


My wife would love for me to reach my dreams, she also doesn’t understand what I am doing. She has started to look in and educate herself though. Everyone wants me to be successful and reach that. This community has pushed for self improvement and all that is required to achieve those goals, for which I am grateful.

Just wait till they see our final form :boom:


I’m on YouTube most shameful thing can do and into crypto something immediate family wouldn’t be able to wrap their head around I don’t think my parents would be proud :rofl:
However my girl supports me and my friends do and see the consistency of my message.


My family supports me which is a huge help. The few friends that I have know that I am living on my terms and they are inspired. They may not completely understand blockchain and Bitcoin but I am leading by example and they are interested.


While most of my family and friends are supportive I know there are some that would like to see me get a masters or PHD of some sort, I would say it is out of the desire to see me succeed. In the end they want me to be happy and financially stable, but I have higher standards in terms of financial goals and debt free living. I know they support me and want me to succeed even if it isn’t the way they would have envisioned, as long as the success and happiness is there that will be that matters.


My mom was very supportive and I truly miss her encouragement since she passed away. However, because I wanted a different lifestyle than the rest of my family and started working towards that as a teen, I have endured huge amounts of family persecution though the years. Only until recently have they acknowledged my accomplishments, say they are amazed at what I’ve been able to do and they are proud of me. They are currently questioning and gossiping about my crazy choice of crypto and building VARWEE however in a few years I’m guessing they will let me know they are amazed and proud of me again. (I don’t keep in touch with them much… go figure)

So with what I have had to endure through the years, I have worked hard to created a supportive and encouraging home environment for my family and that in turn has created a supportive and encouraging environment for me. We work together to accomplish things and encourage each other to stay on task even when things are hard.

  1. Would they be proud of me for what I’ve done? Yep, had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and family. They both stated they were proud of were I am in life.
    Would they be disappointed in me? Currently no, they proud.
    Would they be inspired by me? I don’t know. Marriage wise probably yes.
    Would they be embarrassed by me? Hell no! They know some of sins of my youth, and the fact I got out relatively unscathed. They are happy at what I have become and accomplished.

What would those who care most about you have for you if they could choose your life for you?

I don’t think anyone would have anything different for me. They don’t really know what I’m doing. But, they see that I have goals in mind and they are supportive for the most part. My family doesn’t really get into my business. We mind our own.

What do you think they would have you do differently?

Probably be more realistic I guess. My parents and brother don’t seem to “get the bigger picture”. They’re all left brained. Somehow I ended up with the dreaming right brain.

Do those ideas align with your mission and vision? & What would they say to you?

While they don’t completely understand what I am doing (mostly my fault because I haven’t took the time to explain myself and what I’m working on in detail to them. They would probably give me the same old story about how I should have a plan b just in case it doesn’t work out. They’d doubt me and I don’t need that negativity) they would still be somewhat supportive though. I don’t fault them for being pessimistic. It’s who they are.


my mom would want me to do more gym and sports
my father would want me to focus more on communication and expression, also language (well, I have the English skills)
one close friend of mine would want me to see a therapist regarding my loneliness

hm, it’s interesting … I came to realize I don’t necessarily consider their support