#B90X - DAY 63 - EGO VS. TRUTH - Going Bitcoin Professional



I am not good at putting on a social veneer.
In the past, when I have let my ego get big, I have fallen and fallen hard.
If I feel a tickle of it coming on now, I try to squash it fast and humble myself.
I recognize the grind and professionalism in others when I see it. Its easy to spot. I expect that it is easy to spot in me also.
Now that I have a true vision and mission, I’m sure more people are seeing me shine. I do not look for compliments, but when they do come, I simply say, “Thanks for noticing” and continue on. Admiration is nice, but it does not advance the mission, other then making me more committed, knowing that I am on the right track.

When my children do something correct for the first time, I let them know they did a good job, but also remind them that one good day is not a trend.

I am striving for a personal trend of excellence!


I dont know if this is classified as comparing my life, but I do see people who are successful and apply their good habits to craft my own life. Healthy, wealthy, and purpose driven life. If I can improve (which I can) I want to know how.

As previously stated, I don’t care what others think. I am a nobody, and that’s fine. I want to be successful in the shadows and enjoy my life with the ones I love.


My personal vision statement and reading the purpose driven life has helped clear all the cobwebs in my mind. I’ve always strove the be something great, something special. Once you realize you’re purpose and are in tune with your vision then you realize you will be great if you follow your vision and stick to the mission. It takes discipline to do the every day grind towards achieving your goals. Today’s b90x instantly made me think of Rocky Balboa, in the movie he had to grind daily and after many conservative days of putting in the work he achieved his goal.:rocket:


I’ve mostly stopped comparing myself to others, the one exception that is fresh in my mind is one of my tennis teams… We have 5+ guys that can play line one, and well lets just say rotation is not fairly distributed so I tend to find myself comparing my game to others… It is funny though since going through alpha class I have been caring about it less, hitting out on the ball more and challenging shitty calls more frequently. Alpha class + doing B90X again + some personal growth things I’m doing on my own are really starting to take form as I keep on improving and striving for that final form.


I am still comparing my discipline to others I look up to. Still lacking but still making progress at the same time. Also comparing myself to others in my space or spaces entering to see if I’m lacking in communication, production,research.


I keep comparing myself to some of the alpha cohort members and how I’m not keeping up with them. They put in the work and deserve the glory yet im still jealous AF. Its funny how I strive to do better but then I mentally break when it comes time to do the work. I make excuses for myself like (my computer is too slow to edit videos, im tired, if i make this public everyone will think im LAME, SAD, AND CRAZY). I think finding out what your made of is the hardest thing to do, but is clearly the only way I can become the person on want to be.