#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



I’m running pretty lean myself as well, I might eliminate the landline phone at home, and turn the ceiling fans off in the shop that run 24/7 (they just make the cars dusty anyway). Oh, and I’m not going to buy anymore golf stuff for a while.



Funny we’re covering finances today… I just went through our entire budget this past weekend. I cut out several things. A few paid apps, audible and stuff like that. They’re not necessary. Getting it down to the bare minimum. It’s not a whole lot of fun reviewing your finances. But you do need to sit down regularly and go over everything. Once you’ve nailed it all down, it feels so good. It’s easy to have a lot of wasted dollars that can go unnoticed for a while.


This is something I need to intentionally do on consistent basis. Switched over to physically writing it down to make it stick. Was using Mint app and excel but liking it be on paper better.


I keep pretty good track of my finances in terms of what I’ve got in the bank, I’m not quite as good when it comes to the monthly payments. Top of my head they would be, audible, storage unit, student loans (wish I could just eliminate that), patreon… I did let my prepaid xbox live run out as I don’t get on anymore so that is $50 a year I’m no longer paying, got to start somewhere.


My biggest waste in the whole perspective (not only) financial is to eliminate my worst enemy which recently got the name ATM.