#B90X - DAY 59 - Retrospective - You Are The Product!



This was a great series of the B90X. In today’s day and age we are a brand on any social media platform and knowing what to improve on ourselves for a blockchain designed life will have a positive impact in the cyber world and the real world.


I’ve learned to get my goal on paper. I actually wrote it down. lol to some that’s nothing. but I’ve never done that. the last 10 days has been Interesting. I see I’ve been doing some of this with my job and my business. I’ve taken in a lot Its hard to say what had the biggest impact on me. All of this has opened my eyes to how I can apply this to everything I do. some of this is repetitive for me. but in a good way. some times talking about the basics helps you not over look the little things that need to be done. Like I’m always having little mini meetings with my team. lol they hate it but it keeps all on the same page going in the right direction. me and my team are always setting goals. If I had to take anything from this it would be KNOWLEDGE and Fucken MOTIVATION!!!

Whats nicer Is that Ill take crypto for payments On hot rods, resto mods,or to make anything you got better faster more personalized.


Precisely summarizes the section.


That’s a very interesting idea.
I have been giving some thought to property development consultancy, I never thought of being paid in crypto!
Cheers Peter :+1: