#B90X - Day 56 - Product Design is Thorough


My typical goals are to study the market each day, set and complete work goals, B90X, and spend some time with my family. Things I’d like to add to my daily goals:

meditation, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night
exercise, 30-60 minutes per day
read for 20 minutes per day
spend 20 minutes per day liquidating the remains of my last business

Once I complete the last item on the list above, I’d like to replace it with 20 minutes each day learning how to make passive income with another business


I have used several methods to get the essentials done.

1, No list method. Result: At the end of the day I chastise myself for forgetting to do this and that.

2. Make a daily “to do” list. Result: I end up filling it with unnecessary stuff that I can easily check off, fooling myself that I have accomplished a lot.

3. Write down everything that needs done on three separate lists. One list is “absolute essentials”, another “needs done soon”, and “will do eventually”. Result: Can be overwhelming if you are an overachiever and take your entire list seriously. Uncompletes move up the list the next day.

4. Write down essentials to be done that are necessary to move you closer to your goals. Put a star next to the three most important and concentrate on them for the day.

Currently using method #4.

Day 56 – Git ‘er done…HODL, get a ticket, prepare for launch…:hodl::pig2::pig2::ticket::rocket::rainbow::first_quarter_moon:


I woke up this morning with the intention of:

  1. Getting certain items out of my garage for the yard sale I am having this Friday-Saturday
  2. Knocking out a bunch of days on B90X
  3. Cleaning the two fish tanks and replenishing water.
  4. Getting certain items out of my attic for the yard sale

1 is done, 2 is underway. this post will finish the 6th. 3 I was going blow off, as it is hot and muggy and I just did not feel like getting all sweaty, but now that it’s in writing, it is going to get done after this posting. 4 will be done when wife gets home to help me. (big items, two man job)
This vacation sucks! lol.


The plan is to wake up on the first alarm, no snoozing. Make some coffee let my dogs out and sip on said coffee. I usually do B90x before work depending on how long it is/how long I have before work.Then I have the part for the actual work of the day.

I want to work in some stretching, as well as maybe reading mastering bitcoin ( need to finish)

Got yard work tomorrow

Also got alpha stuff to get done.


B90x ,Then finish a window replacement from yesterday. Get home and get my Friday exercise.
That is today’s assignments.


Today was a research and experimenting day as usual for building.
Reading and B90x was also on the list for development.
Also doubling down on personal development audiobooks and listening to more crypto knowledge has been in the works for a more opinionated voice in the crypto sphere soon.


Been trying timeboxing on sticky notes. That has had mixed results. Going to try doing the daily goals on the sticky notes with amount of time set aside for each goal.


I already went to the gym.
Going to finish the last yearly review for coworkers at my job.
Look up ETF’s that my father in law sent me.


Today is evaluation and planning day for me after my 2 week sprint so I will be going over what happened these past 2 weeks and plan for the next two weeks. I do this evaluation on business, financials, homeschooling and life every two weeks so I know where I need to focus and make course corrections in the next two week sprint in order to accomplish my 90 day goals.

I will be making my new check list of what I want to accomplish in the next two weeks then I will be ready to set my daily targets. This way I know where I’m at, what I need to do next and be able to be flexible enough for unforeseen events. I’ve had enough unforeseen events in my life that I just go ahead and set it in my planning that something might happen and to be prepared.


I need to write down a to do list every day. Some days I do this and those days are way more productive. I just need to make it a habit. I’m bad about just trying to remember what I need to do and not write it down.


well, I’ve already begun by going through one B90X episode each morning
and doing some push-ups (cause I don’t like sport activities, I like to sit all day long)

next would be to aim for some long and complex stuff, but I still have to figure that out


“ensure that the day works for us and not us just working for the day”
“bend the day to your will”



Every day I start the day off by doing 100 pushups and 50 situps. Then try to go through at-least 2 B90x vids so I can finish in 45 days rather than 90. Then I just like to drive and see where the day goes. My goal is to have a Nissan GTR in 2020.

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