#B90X - Day 56 - Product Design is Thorough



Wake up remind my self what i’m here for and what my mission and goals are
Read and watch news that’s only relevant to my mission,
Finish mini goals of house work before i fly away for work


My typical goals are to study the market each day, set and complete work goals, B90X, and spend some time with my family. Things I’d like to add to my daily goals:

meditation, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night
exercise, 30-60 minutes per day
read for 20 minutes per day
spend 20 minutes per day liquidating the remains of my last business

Once I complete the last item on the list above, I’d like to replace it with 20 minutes each day learning how to make passive income with another business


I have used several methods to get the essentials done.

1, No list method. Result: At the end of the day I chastise myself for forgetting to do this and that.

2. Make a daily “to do” list. Result: I end up filling it with unnecessary stuff that I can easily check off, fooling myself that I have accomplished a lot.

3. Write down everything that needs done on three separate lists. One list is “absolute essentials”, another “needs done soon”, and “will do eventually”. Result: Can be overwhelming if you are an overachiever and take your entire list seriously. Uncompletes move up the list the next day.

4. Write down essentials to be done that are necessary to move you closer to your goals. Put a star next to the three most important and concentrate on them for the day.

Currently using method #4.

Day 56 – Git ‘er done…HODL, get a ticket, prepare for launch…:hodl::pig2::pig2::ticket::rocket::rainbow::first_quarter_moon: