#B90X - Day 56 - Product Design is Thorough



I now start my day with 30 min of reading now. I’ve never done that before lol. then check my rig. and look for parts for projects i currently have. I’m starting a youtube channel. and I’m going to try to do 1 video a week with my brother. I would love to get the good news out there like peter does. I want to be Inspirational to anyone that needs a positive change. and just work on classic cars or anything fast lol.


Don’t bite off too much.


most certainly. I will keep that in mind. I’ve never been so focused like this. Its like a calling wow. lol. With my Awesome Wife, my little brother, and my step son. I believe we are ready for this. we are all facing the same way. with this team I think we are up for anything. If I was alone it could be to much for me with a full time job for sure. but I’m taking small steps. like I needed a new camera for vacations so I got one that I also could use for youtube too. cheap too lol. I built a rig no biggie. so with what I’ve got going on now. no more projects till we get some done first. lol I spend a half hour to an hour on each thing except work lol that’s 8 hours. so actually I’m board on some days with nothing to do lol. I’m always working lol


Well today the 15th Sunday of April. Been a great day so far. Good part of the morning did lots of PD and learning. Had great time to reflect on my designed blockchain life. Since the kids are away… Just got back from the barber’s feels great I have educated 2 guys on cryptocurrency and blockchian and later this evening meeting a lawyer friend to share about the space.


Completing the b90x
Getting two properties into a position to sell one and rent one.
I’m going to start using the bitcoin.pub to set daily goals. One goal a day!


Interesting. Scrum and Agile are great methodologies for every day life routines.

We use these techniques at our current work space to achieve goals, so remembering and applying this tactic for the crypto world should be easy as well.

I truly needed a vacation, so even on my current vacation I am setting goals by planning what to see and do.

Let’s hope for a remarkable rebound and to go to the MOON!


Psychocybernetics worth a listen?


Intentional day! B90X, making money, gym, researching crypto, listening to sunday sermon, doing the dishes, stretching, listening to music, learning something about business, reading a minimum of 20 pages in my book, and visualizing my future!


Definitely worth the listen. Good listen for visualization.

Here’s YouTube link to it


Today we have

-do maximum what I can to push forward my US Visa process as much as can.


-earn 0.01 BTC

-write post on blog


I took a different approach to today’s B90X. After watching the video, I wrote down my goals for the day and check back towards the end of the night:

  1. Drop off my daughter for child care and work 7:00 AM-5: 00 PM
  2. Pick up my daughter and take to the playground, read while she played with her friends 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM
  3. Cook and eat dinner followed by quality time 6:30 PM-8: 30 PM
  4. Shower, B90X, Schoolwork 8:30PM-10: 30 PM
  5. TA learning and crypto time 10:30 PM-???
  6. Bed

I have been timeboxing; however, it felt different writing everything down as goals, it also feels good to see that I’m on track… Feels very good


Thanks, got it cued up for tomorrow!


That’s a good day!! Have you heard of the ‘Power list’ tactic?
Every night you write down 5 daily goals for the next day, that will bring you closer to your ultimate goals and dreams.
Every day you have to check off all 5 goals, and you can only write the same goal down 21 days in a row. This implies that after 21 days it should have become disciplined habit, and pushes continual expansion.
Sounds simple enough but it gets difficult at times.
I learned this from Andy Frisella on the MFCEO Podcast


Crafting today by getting up early and getting my inbox cleared at work. Reading 10 more pages of Masterimg Bitcoin. Last but not least get the yard mowed. :wink:


No I have not, Thanks!


Will listen on the road today!


The life routine is what I am striving to get away from. I have a good job that has provided me with money and security over the past 10 years. But as I progress through my 30’s, there is a calling within me that only gets louder and louder every year. My goal to reach a debt free life and achieve financial wealth through a crypto currency lifestyle is underway. As I continue my normal daily grind at work, I also find use in my free time to absorb all I can regarding crypto currency and blockchain tech. I want to be financially secure by age 40. The beginning is underway…now it’s time to start the real grind.:muscle:t3:


It’s past the morning but today’s main focus was analysing sales data, charts and client’s folders to make a decision on how much merchandise I need to order for my next shipment. Now, I gotta be on calls with my factory in China for the next few hours to cover all the details.


Daily Planning is a routine I had neglected since my twins were born 15 months ago, so it feels great to be back in the saddle again. This habit does wonders to your productivity and makes goals attainable. Thanks for the advice Peter!


Today is the 24th june 2018

Bitcoin tanked again, now at 5,881 USD per Bitcoin.

My day is exactly as I planned. I manage my altcoin portfolio, in a downtrend, and manage it the best i can.

I believe in Bitcoin. I do. I really do.

We are still on track to go to the moon, so hang in there guys ! don’t give up in testing times !!