#B90X - DAY 55 - Good Design is Long Lasting


Here for the long run. This B90X has been amazing.


After everything that I’ve been through, I know a good life design and intentional decisions help you get through unforeseen and devastating circumstances. Circumstances are there to test and purify your life design and plan. You will know your truest self when you are crushed under devastation and others will see who you truly are by the decisions you make and actions you take.

To fulfill my life vision, I am in it for life to make it happen no matter what hell I will need to travel through to do it. :grin:


I have been down since day one with the same goal in mind. Comple 100% absolute financial freedom!!! See ya on the moon! :wink:


when you don’t make your own decisions and live based on circumstances you end up unhappy because you’re not who you want to be

after many years, you’ll even forget who you really are
it’ll be difficult to ask the question “who do I want to be ?”

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I am 100% down for the long haul. Lets get these gains! Completely agree with the fact that you are where you are based on your own decisions.

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