#B90X - DAY 55 - Good Design is Long Lasting



Am all in,… just looking back years back till now… I never had a designed my lifestyle. Now I can gladly and confidently say I have a crafted blockchain life. Here for the long haul…the long term. Lets do this!!
Signed Zealot Tegong’


I am here for the long haul. I want to be a successful crypto trader that enjoys financial freedom. This will allow me the ability to be a traveling evangelist to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I also want to invest in people.


I’m here for the long run


I’m still here! Robert Aronovici won’t fail you! I’ve been on vacation, something I needed for peace of mind. I left behind all the real-world problems. I look forward to completing this program, challenge and test!

See you on the moon!


I’m still here for the long grind!


I’m here for a long run! :rocket:



Here for the long run! Exit Strategy!?!.. Bitcoin world reserve currency!
Signed with Love,


You know I’m down for that long haul, the long shag, that long duck…wait noooo not like this guys lol :joy:


I am here for the long haul. My mission statement is made and my goals are being worked on every day.


Already got my ticket to the moon. Just waiting for the rocket ship to get built so it can take us all
to the moon.
Pub :heart:


I sign my name:



Jaime Garzaro, I am also signer 3191 of the Declaration of Currency Independence. Like the old adage goes, “choose what you want to become in life, or someone else will for you”.


Day by day getting better and better. Here for the long run.


Im here for the long haul and do it the best i can because we only get one shot at it

even when times get tough hopefully i can always turn to the pub or yen for good advice like always



I got in at the high-point of 2017, I’ve seen mostly red all year. I’ve probable already survived the worst, lol. I believe in the philosophy of BTC more than the tech (which is also amazing), and am ready to see how this new experiment will reshape our society. I’m curious to see how our governments will lead with less control and power, I’m also curious to see how the banks will survive. There is an imminent change in power on the horizon, and I’m glad to be watching it from the :rocket:. In it for the long-haul!


I feel your pain Snake Wrangler Amp112506. I got in the same time you did.

Decisions that changed my future, why I made them, how long it took, what resulted:

  1. Joined the Air Force, needed to get out of town, finally decided after a couple of years, made me grow up.
  2. Got married, time to settle down, a year of courting, a responsible life.
  3. Schooled in respiratory therapy, needed a job that would not leave the country, decided over six months to enroll, developed people skills.
  4. Accepted a Redeemer :latin_cross:, because I hit rock bottom in my life :sos:, took only a moment in time, best decision ever! :point_up:

DAY 55 – It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. In it to win it. :trophy: In for the long haul. :articulated_lorry::truck::articulated_lorry:


“Today’s regrets are founded in yesterdays bad decisions.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin

I’m going all the way. This decision is going to change my life.
William Thomas is going to the moon.
I truly expect to be exhausted for at least the next 5 years, but the cool thing is, is my wife is playing the game with me.


“Telling him why why why we couldn’t make a lot of money with doge” as it’s at. 006646 from .0025 3 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I am down for the long grind because I want to stand on the moon with you all. I have made changes, grinding in alpha and keep looking to the future I want to have. I’ll be standing there among the winners.


Grandon Lowery will stand the test of Time. I had a family counseling session last year when my sister was in her 3rd consecutive rehab and I straight up told her and her counselor that both of them were where they were at this moment by choice. One was educated spending their time to help others. The other has spent the last 10 years thinking they were above everyone including God. There was a moment of silence after that lol. But the counselor did finally say you’re brothers right. To the moon :crescent_moon:


I’m in this shit to win it, and that means being here for the long haul. My steps may be longer and slower than others but I’ll get to the top my own damn way and will enjoy every pain staking minute it took to get there.