#B90X - DAY 55 - Good Design is Long Lasting



I, Philip Torres am in it. To learn, grow and evolve my thinking, presence and attitude. I would also like to thank the Cryptonation for all the help along this amazing ride! It is truly an incredible forum few can match.


hey this is Shaf, I am just catching up with the B90x programme, must admit i haven’t been commenting on every section as I am watching multiple videos at a time but got to say this is an amazing programme which gives you a MASTERMIND mindset. @peter Again thank you. I am hoping to be a student of yours for many years to come or until you stop teaching…:smiley::joy:


hell yeah! to the moooooon :rocket::rocket::rocket:
Hosni Derdour


Matthew C. here for the long haul


YEAH! 55 day full of information and every day a little improvement.
I’m in! Let’s go to the moon.



To the moon we go, don’t care how long it takes!


I’m down. I’m not stopping till I’m on the moon!


I’m doing the grind and will be in this for the long haul.
Thanks again @peter, I’ve made a few life changing decisions but I still need to work on my assertive decision making. One is coming soon…


Wrapping up my February goals and prepping for March.

I am reaffirming my commitment to myself and to the community, that I am in it for the grind. I will also commit to supporting and being there for all of you as best as I can along the way. We are in this as a community, and helping each other will keep us all accountable and moving forward.
Signed and stamped: Vince


To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself. @MarieForleo


I can dig that quote my man. Legit.
Stay the course!


Yep, folk should recognise that the decisions they have made have got them where they are

Life is in some ways like a game of poker, you are dealt some cards at the start (brains, geographical location, family wealth, genetics etc)

Then you take some risks, interact with others, have some good and some bad luck

How you deal with what life throws at you, the decisions and actions that you take, determine the outcome


Going for my BTC black belt


I’m down to stick around for the long run, the grind it out so I can make my life better.

-Erwin Wang


I’ve still got a long way to go in improving myself, these lessons will be a stepping stone towards a better life for myself and my family.


This is an opportunity I believe the universe gave me for my desire for monetary success. I am fully committed to staying in the crypto nation. 2020-2022 is when we land on the moon for mass adoption strong hands ain’t going no where.

Signed Jaycee.


I’m pleasantly surprised to spend time in a space centered on block chain, but not limited to 1’s and 0’s. I agree with what’s been said before- money is just a conduit for happiness- not the source. Read the words of wise King Solomon who was one of the wealthiest men of all time for confirmation of that. I’m in it with all y’all for the long haul.



to the moon, and beyond my friends. :rocket:


I’m gonna stay here for the long run, btw - B90X is slowly starting to change my decision making and life, thank you for that pete :stuck_out_tongue:


man I’m down for the long run. I believe way to much in all of this. When this shit hits the bottom I’m going to double down. I was hoping for this so I can get more btc. I would like at least one full btc. the more it drops the better I can D.C.A.


Life becomes more enjoyable when you are following the road that you have designed without cheating yourself