#B90X - DAY 55 - Good Design is Long Lasting



I, Philip Torres am in it. To learn, grow and evolve my thinking, presence and attitude. I would also like to thank the Cryptonation for all the help along this amazing ride! It is truly an incredible forum few can match.


hey this is Shaf, I am just catching up with the B90x programme, must admit i haven’t been commenting on every section as I am watching multiple videos at a time but got to say this is an amazing programme which gives you a MASTERMIND mindset. @peter Again thank you. I am hoping to be a student of yours for many years to come or until you stop teaching…:smiley::joy:


hell yeah! to the moooooon :rocket::rocket::rocket:
Hosni Derdour


Matthew C. here for the long haul


YEAH! 55 day full of information and every day a little improvement.
I’m in! Let’s go to the moon.



To the moon we go, don’t care how long it takes!


I’m down. I’m not stopping till I’m on the moon!


I’m doing the grind and will be in this for the long haul.
Thanks again @peter, I’ve made a few life changing decisions but I still need to work on my assertive decision making. One is coming soon…