#B90X - DAY 55 - Good Design is Long Lasting



It avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated. Unlike fashionable design, it lasts many years - even in todays throwaway society.

First principles, first. Good design lasts a lifetime. Likewise, a blockchain designed life is one that will last the long run.

We start incrementally, we start small, we start with principles. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about this in previous B90X segments, so make sure to go back and do those first!

We’ll never get everything right on the first try, however, having guiding design-principles allow us to ensure we stay on the right track.

Choose for yourself this day, are you in it for the long run? Why are you even here?

Making a decision now can in many ways define the rest of your life.
Think about how powerful that idea is.

You can literally make a decision, RIGHT NOW, that will alter the course of your life forever. It’s fascinating how powerful your own mind is!
Not only that, it’s fascinating how dangerous your own mind is… to your life, to others, and to the world. In good ways and bad ways!

So let’s think together.
Have you ever made a decision in the past, that altered your future?
Let’s say, getting a degree, paying off debt, getting into a relationship, having kids, changing your career?

How did you come to that decision?
How long did it take you to realize that goal or have the full effects of that decision be realized?
What was your primary motivator?
Why did you stick to it?

If you think hard enough, I bet one of the reasons you stuck with it was because of the internal rewards you were looking forward to receiving after achieving that goal.

If you’ve never made a life-decision that took you years to realize, why not?
Are you dissatisfied with where you are now?

Let me tell you, whether you believe it or not. You are EXACTLY where you are based on YOUR own decisions. Period. Full stop.

You are where you are because you either, designed it that way, or you allowed life to take you that way.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, you have 2 options in life:

  1. A well crafted blockchain designed life.
  2. A life based on passivity and circumstance.

In today’s B90X, I’d love for you to once again sign your name replying to this thread. Are you down for the long grind of changing your life for the better? Let us know.

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

Glad that I found this community.
Very warm and understanding.
Here for the long hold.
At least till 2020, till I reach my goals :slight_smile:
When the time comes, will reward myself and my family.


Yooooo. U know im in it for the long haul!!!


Gonna hang in the pub right here, thanks for the hard work, 55Days!!!


I am not agreeing 100% . Sometimes bad things can happen to you, making permanent or huge consequences, thus altering your course forever. However majority of folks blame circumstances in order to rationalize and protect ego.
I’ll give you mine example - losing everything in war can set you back 10 years. It wasn’t my fault, and i can’t blame myself for it.

Im sure some of us had problems like natural disasters making their lives hell.
Strong mental fortitude isn’t omnipotent.

But responsibility and accountability can make your 1-10 potential turn into 10 reality.


I think it’s less about circumstance and more about blaming others for your circumstance. You can create a new world. Even from the ashes!


I still pulled out my moon ticket and some more :smiley: :smiley:


Just bought more tickets.
Feeling damn good.
Better than sitting in the bank and deflating like a slow leaking tyre :smiley:


John Dailey is signed up, yoooooooooooooooo!

Thanks for this message today :slight_smile:

Very appropriate. I’m holding onto that BTC!


Still here doing the grind!!


I’m in it for the long haul. Let’s ride!


I am in for the long grind…

Bill Chou


Up for the moon trip, 1st goal to touch its surface



In it to win it! :muscle::facepunch::+1:



I’m in. Post must be at least 20 chracters


Down like a clown, Charlie Brown.


I am in it for “the long haul”. To me the long haul might be reaching the Bitcoin Moon, or it might be learning as much as I can until there is nothing more to absorb. Either way the time spent here will have been worth it because today I am happier, more focused and ready to rock the world than in a very long time. Thank you fellow Cryptonation cryptonaunts for teaching me so much in so little time and thank you DogeLord for helping us all be the best us we can be!


I’m down for the GRINDDD. I’ve always been able to save up a few grand but it never last for the long haul. I always seemed to find somewhere to put it before it gets to moon numbers. Crypto has opened my eyes to the power of just leaving money alone in the right places. I’ve got my ticket and look forward to counting working towards my second one because I’m in it till we get to the MOONNN.


Damn straight! Michelle Tech is in it for the long haul!


I’m all in.
Keen for the journey ahead.

Today bitcoin nearly hit $7000!!! I was watching an earlier B90X today & you were excited for bitcoin just reaching ATH @ $5000!!

Crazy times now, crazier times ahead!

I’m good to go :sunglasses::muscle:t4: