#B90X - DAY 53 - Good Design is Unobtrusive



My life at the moment is very hectic, and I would like to believe that I’m priming myself for success with the changes I have been making to propel blockchain designed life. Understanding that I’m not a machine and that rest is necessary, I still believe that I can squeeze at least two more hours of work during my day. I need to focus more on my mental discipline.


That’s a good one homie


Unobtrusive-new word for me.

I can share very much what @bamse said above.
I overthinking to much things, second guessing and stuff. I need to focus daily on areas where I can shine the most and not crush them before I start.

Slowly but consistently I’ going forward.


I get in my own way by working too much. This benefits my future in some ways, but it throws my balance off, and too much work means less time to get stuff done, less time to learn coding and networking, less time reading books and less time working out and spending time with my wife. I love all of those things… but I also think I would love financial freedom, so I’m pretty focused on that. Sometimes I feel like it would be good to slow down on work and put that extra time into building the skills that will build the future I ACTUALLY want and get me to my goals even faster


I get in the way of my true self by watching TV with my wife. I know she likes it but personally I feel like I’m wasting time although you could argue it is investing in our relationship of sorts! :slight_smile:
I’m also obstructing myself by buying too much food. It’s a simple pleasure that I find the most challenging.


Staying focused on my mission statement is key. There are still a few bad habits that are getting in the way of my goals. Simplifying my life has helped tremendously. I will continue to do this and it will help keep myself focused.


There are times when I think/analyze things too much and that gets in my way for making a decision, especially for the little things. Thinking is good and for obvious reasons we should all do it but we gotta be careful not to overthink/overanalyze everything because if we think too much, it can lead us to getting off course and also it distracts us from our set goals or achievements ahead. That’s why I believe it’s important to set times and dates so we don’t waste time thinking in unnecessary things.


I would recommend not to end up too naked though.

The world we live in is quite ruthless, so I still put up a bit of a “show” to get along with evryone else.


I am easily derailed when I’m approached with the words, “I need your help…” and struggle to say no. Also being overly diplomatic instead of simply calling out the issue and the corrective measures just because of the overly PC society we’re living in. I HAVE to learn to say no AND say what I truly feel, without disrespecting of course and say what I mean in a more direct way. Ok, I finally said it :wink:


Still get in the way of myself with my previous answer. But also with @Dustin_Matthews answer as well about watching tv and movies with my girl.


Where do you get in the way of yourself? Of your TRUE self? Where are you obstructing yourself? Where are you slowing yourself down?

I get in the way of myself with self doubt and not believing enough in myself i can do it.

I obstruct myself with not being much of a communicator with other people i tend to sit back a lot and listen and watch and intervene if i feel its not right to but i’m not one to start a conversations.

I slow myself down by trying to complete too many goals/tasks at once and sometimes i forget what i was doing or what my mission is.


When first getting into cryptos I was getting in my own way because of FUD, FOMO, and over-exuberance without all the facts. :hear_no_evil: My true self wants poise, peacefulness, proper timing, confidence, assurance and focus.

I get in my own way through distractions, rashness, neglecting to perform due diligence. It’s like I’m trying to swim multiple lanes when I just need to pick one lane of interest and get good at it. Reminds me of the acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid), a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. Sometimes doing less gets me out of my own way of producing more.

DAY 53 – Buy a :bch: and ::hodl: it…. in your piggy bank :pig2::pig2:


Where do you get in the way of yourself?
When I know the rules of something, and the strategies of the issue, and then go out of my way to violate the rules and strategy because I think I could outsmart the system is truly stepping on my own feet.

Of your TRUE self?
In the past I’ve seen myself unworthy of success. I can’t even say why, as I do not believe myself to be a bad person. But if I find myself unworthy, how could I allow myself the opportunity? I have made the postulate to push through any levels of self-doubt and will be successful.

Where are you obsctructing yourself?
I know there’s places that I got to be obstructed myself, I’m just having a hard time coming up with any answers. I know there’s got to be something but it’s just not obvious.


I get in the way of myself by not wanting to do something. It’s not laziness, it’s more of I don’t want to do that thing in particular (like a certain repair at work). There are a lot of factors that can affect my pay, and one mess up from someone else can down my work bay and swing my mood. Usually what goes hand in hand with this is we also run out of work and your “lets kick ass” day turns into “f#ck this”.

This has caused a burnout for me even faster and is a reason why I look into things to do in my downtime. I do my b90x course everyday, I am in Alpha right now and I jot down ideas/record/edit… and with that I just be myself. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it, because you can’t make everyone happy. So if they don’t like you, who cares. Be yourself. B90X has helped me build the blockchain lifestyle I want and I want to use my new found skills to improve my life.


I get in the way of myself by saying yes to to much, by trying to do to much at once, and by keeping with a task longer than I should, I would say these are my three immediate ways in how I get in the way of myself. Time Boxing has helped but I have yet to find a perfect system that accounts for myself and getting pulled in other directions for things that both have to get done and things that are just asked of me.


I never watch tv ect. However I do with my girl and turning my previous getting in the way of myself and monetizing it by only watching things with my girl on camera. But also get in the way of myself by not experimenting and failing fast enough.


I used to get in the way of myself by overthinking everything, I used to play chess with every decision. I am getting better at this.
After I decided to get started minimalizing it feels really good. Finishing the personal vision statement and having started Mission number 1 everything now is towards achieving that goal.


I can get in the way of myself and displace my energy on things such as social media, going over to friends’ houses more often than I should as I am influenced at times to go over and play video games. These for me obviously do not align with my mission and vision, it is sideways energy when it could be time better spent.

Now that i have a clear direction on where I want to be heading towards i’m aware what needs to be done to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve :muscle:t3::facepunch:t3:


I may not be posting on every video but im still in the game. I get in the way of myself all the time and honestly allow my surrounding to sway me. I have alot to cut out of my life, friends and family will get hurt but at the end of the day I need to do whats best for me and my goals.


This was a great video. It spoke to me. Thanks Peter.