#B90X - DAY 52 - Good Design is Understandable - Blockchain Designed Life!



No one knows :joy: lowkey like a ninja


Your response is why no one knows at work that I listen to audiobooks big dreams scare little dreamers. I enjoy knowing I’m personally developing my mind at work while they just complain about work lol.


That’s why in few years we will be in the moon and they won’t.
Keep on grinding my man!


Thank your sir, You do the same!


I am very transparent. And very organized in my life. That shows.
Unfortunately, some other stuff shows up too ! like me being stingy for example…

Actually,. i d’ont relly mind. I am who I am. live with it and lets go to the MOOOOOOOOOON !!!

love Peters experssion about going to the moon !


People do approach me constantly requesting guidance for their projects and freely share my experience in said areas of their business. It usually turns into a learning sessions for all of us involved. It is humbling to see even people I’ve looked up to initiate conversations and share their experience. It’s kind of like one of Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock) quotes, “Remember, when you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at it… they’ll tell you. Shhh… let ‘em tell ya…”


Still far from being the guy mentioned in today’s B90X but still here hodling on to the blockchain designed life. Still doing same habits wanted to instill 3 months ago. Others around me consider me a quiet hardworking guy. Long hodl for the health and wealth want to achieve for ideal light I want to shine.


My life is telling others i work hard, im honest, i go the extra mile with little complaint if needed and i speak what ever is in my mind which doesn’t always sit well with some people.

The feedback i receive what i do at work has mostly been positive but i know its negative when i see their face expressions when i say something that doesn’t align with their views or something they don’t want to do.

I think my life is communicating to other is i show my hard work and determination to be among the best of my peers i don’t like to ask for a better position or pay rises i rather earn it by showing them my ability’s


My life is demonstrating to others that we are all different and we should be custom designing our own lives to what works for us. Take advice from others, but make your own path based on your own decisions. Many people today do not want to contribute to their own life, they avoid personal responsibility and they expect all their needs to be met by others.

My feedback comes from others. If they want to work with me then I assume I am providing some value to them.

I hope my life is communicating to others that I am honest, available and willing to share my knowledge and optimism with others heading in my direction.

DAY 52 – Let’s share the ride….:rocket:


I strive to keep the social veneer turned off. I like to be the real me around everyone. I like the project my true nature.

I expect people see me as hard-working, honest, perpetually engaged.

I had a friend that was close and we drifted apart. It was because our wives had a falling out. And he calls me up a few months back asking for some help making a rifle range. So we worked this project together and get it done. A lot of physical work with no financial compensation. But now we have our own private shooting range. While working on this project he explained to me that he always looked at me for guidance, and look up to me. I was extremely humbled and honored. Of course, deep down, I was worried that he would find out about all the stupid mistakes I made in life. But then I realized I learned from all the stupid mistakes. And we got to talking about it, and that was the exact reason why he look to me for guidance.

I just wish I didn’t have to learn that way. It would be very nice if everything just fell into place. But that’s not the way the physical Universe Works.


People see me as hardworking, fun to be around and excessively goofy. I am also very optimistic because shit does happen and you gotta prep for the worst and hope for the best. Times get hard and people give up, I get angry and things too when they suck… life happens. But I regain my bearing, and try to take control of the situation. I want everyone to succeed, when we started cohort, I knew some people wouldn’t stick with it, but I still tried to work everyone up and motivate them. The only problem is that only works so well and if the person isn’t driven by their desire to change, you can’t change someones life for them. They must make the change.

Take a look at my “I’m skinny as fuck thread”, I was super motivated at the start, then I kept adding projects. I started working longer. I started Alpha. I didn’t (completely)fail because I had too many projects. I failed myself in properly timeboxing and dedicating time to each. There were things I could have done better. Now I still occasionally post and I am still eating more/gaining, but my workouts have dwindled and my updates are slowing.


I’m pretty low key, I think those close to me see me working hard to build a blockchain designed life. Feedback has been mixed, but those that are negative about it just fuel the flames of motivation.


I can tell this last year I have some people wondering. You can just tell if you’re shining :+1:


I still lack discipline however showing improvement and it’s visible to my network of people. The grind don’t stop.