#B90X - DAY 52 - Good Design is Understandable - Blockchain Designed Life!



My friends and family have noticed that I become more focused on my goals.


I’m 37 now I hate the big company I work for. they suck the life from from you and tell you your not adequate and need to work harder with less ppl to make them more profits. Now because of their bad decisions they are now resorting to high pressure sales. every customer needs to buy 3 things Or we get in trouble possibly fired. Great job right lol.

But now I see that I’m better than that. I can sell my self on the hard work I do. No high pressure sales crap… I’m beginning my adventure with Dream Maker Customs. I have 10 ppl that want to work for me already. They say I’m a great person and I know my shit. I’ve always been fair to all. Ppl see all the good I try to do and it seems lately one by one all the ppl I know are getting on board with me. Mostly because all the changes I’ve put my self through to align my self with my goals and every day I get closer.

I don’t know it all. but Ill be the BEST version of my self every day and hope that all will do the same.


It exciting… blockchain design life indeed… I love the fact that am the go to person or reference point from my peers… I live the crypto life everyday!


I would like to think that people see a man dedicated to his family. Working hard at building the best future possible for my wife and daughter.


How’s everyone doing so far? I’ve been working so many hours, regular job, learning, teaching and trying to keep sane. I have down days and days that I am super amped.

@peter was this man you met a great guide to help you start Yen.io?

Can’t wait to see you all on the moon!


My life is telling others that there is no limit to what we can do when we have the determination and discipline to move forward.

The feedback that I have received from others have been positive. I don’t waste the time I used to hang out for the sake of being out, but I do make it out for special events. Between; work, classes, daughter, girlfriend, and the blockchain designed life I don’t have the time to waste on insignificant gatherings or activities.

I believe that my life is communicating to others a sense of; respect, hard work, positivity.


Oooh fuck yeah risin and grindin! @delirium_igniter


I am living a highly intentional life. I have a long ways to go. Everyday my decisions show to others that I am doing everything I can to grow as an individual, to work and save for my future, to become someone who is able to provide value to others, and someone that is building a life filled with opportunity, love and support, for my family, and eventually my friends and all whose lives that I can hopefully contribute some light to


That being said, since we are designing a blockchain life, I need truth and transparency here. My decisions also show me that I need more PATIENCE. I need to accept others for where they are in their personal evolution, and not be annoyed or dismayed by people (even friends or family) who choose not to live the way I do.
I have a long ways to go.


That’ gonna be a hard one.

I believe my life tells people around me that no matter what’s going in our lives, stay calm and positive.

Everyone from can hear some positive words and encouragement. Yesterday I had good example for my self when I talked with my friend after gym, and I was telling him, how good he is with training others and he should do it for large scale.

That’s what I do all my life and I will no matter what.


This program is incredible.

In one way I feel guilty that I should go through when have been created but I knew it will be hard to finish at that time.

Other way I feel great that I set up my goal, date, and I started and I’ still here. I feel great about that and knowledge, value of the B90X is remarkable. That’s it. Thank you Sir.


My life tells others to stay close to good people, bring joy, smile more and have integrity. I receive positive feedback from peers and leaders by going the extra mile and making their day better. I’m humble, honest and work as a team uplifting those along the way and I’m excited about the future. I shine my light on those that listen and anyone who’s having a hard time, encouragement, hope and a will to succeed is all the power you need. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Others see me as kind and generous typically. I can be very private at times and since I am unmarried at this juncture in my life things have been very stereotypical over the last decade. Go to work. Get paid. Rinse and repeat. Now deep in my 30s I’ve realized that things need to change. I am more focused than ever in living a debt free life and hopefully becoming wealthy in the upcoming years of an emerging crypto currency boom. Nothing is guaranteed, but if I position myself well early I can meet my goals. Soon, others will see me as a shining example of what is possible in a great country like America. The dream is not dead.


To be honest most of the feedbacks from close friends and family have been mostly negative so far but as the days go by, new news come out of new advancements so it gets easier every day!:hulksmash: and we all know we are going to get to that point where, NOBODY is going to be able to say Bitcoin is a scam and that blockchain won’t disrupt the different industries and cause the 4th industrial revolution(my opinion). Good days ahead ya’ll!

I honestly have no idea what my life is communicating to others but I hope it communicates my blockchain designed life that I decided to follow by learning as much as I can help spread the good news to all corners of the globe, seas and I’m just kidding, maybe one day but for now, my family, close friends and people I interact with.

Have a great sunday everyone!
Pub :heart:


and soon gonna be jumping into a mining journey! :hulksmash:


It sounds like you are very intentional. Keep up the great work man!


You are prob known as the “audiobook guy” at work. :smiley:


Maybe you are getting better at the “being comfortable in uncomfortable situations”.
Not an easy feat btw, especially for a introvert. Congrats!!!


I don’t know you in person but just by reading this well crafted and thoughtful post, I can tell you are living your blockchain designed life. Keep it up and keep on :hulksmash:!


"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present.”
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