#B90X - DAY 51 - GOOD DESIGN IS AESTHETIC - A Blockchain Designed Life!


I shine my life on others through hard work, determination, Integrity, and dedication. I share knowledge, but I’m very receptive and tolerant of other’s opinions.

I’m grateful for everything that I have my life included. I’m lucky to be alive so I don’t take one breath fro granted


I need to work harder to inspire others. That’s for sure.
There are so many things to be grateful for. I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. So much space. I have an amazing family. All of the opportunity in the world, and I’ve had many experiences that most people all over the world can only dream about. It’s hard for me to process my gratitude for the cards I was dealt in life.
I am very grateful to all those who have inspired me, and shown me that there is another way to live your life.
I need to live up to my own standard, so that I can stand amongst those who have shown me a standard.
As they say, you are a candle.
The Buddha said, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” This is how I view inspiration


I’m greatful for having a calm demeanor, great spirit, beautiful family and friends. Also greatful for the mentorship of John and Peter, opportunities for a recent promotion and just the physical ability to execute through hard work and perseverance!
I shine my light on my step kids who are in their 20 and 30’s always uplifting and sharing positivity and walk/lead by example. Cheers!


I’m grateful to have access to great resources like the Bitcoin.Pub and Patreon. These resources have allowed me to expand my knowledge in Crypto and blockchain tech. Getting in the game early and prepared is my goal this year. I am grateful that my life provides enough for this opportunity.


I am grateful for my family and friends that are always there and have helped me tremendously in difficult times in the past.
I am grateful for the bitcoin pub and the b90x. For such a great community of different personalities, characters and never ending fun/clowning. Grateful that I have started my crypto journey with this great community and also, grateful that I’m learning something new everyday through the hard work of 피터 & 존 형님들’s. I love seeing people succeed but when a see a Korean brotha out there doing its thang and representing, a get just a little happier.

I shine my life by trying to listen and understand others. I feel like we live in a society where everyone wants to be heard and understood but a lot of the times, those same people don’t try to listen or understand others first. Me included, it used to happened to me that when others were talking sometimes, I realized I wasn’t really listening and I was thinking about my next answer or question. It still happens from time to time but at least now, I am more aware when it happens and when it happens, I just focus on what the person is saying and nothing else at that moment. Give him or her my 100%. It gets easier with practice.
From one of my favorite quotes from Steve Covey, he says:
“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.”



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I will share what an ATC controller once told me:

Quote - " I have noticed that pilots that talk a lot to the ATC receive a lot of help from the ATC"

I guess it means we should always try to share.

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The importance of a clearly-defined goal and objective in life can never be overstated, it is what keeps captains calm during storms, generals calm during wars, and athletes performing optimally because every single ounce of their fibers are consumed by said objective, which leaves no room for waste. The only “era” I remember ever being depressed was during a phase of my life where I didn’t know what to do with myself, nor what I wanted. My my aesthetics reflected both conditions, it’s amazing how both are linked. It’s visible to everybody, wether we like it or not.

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• I’m grateful that I have a job where I can listen to audiobooks on 2x speed brainwashing myself into positive thought patterns instead of conforming to the 9-5 life.
• I’m grateful for my supportive family.
•I’m grateful I attracted this opportunity to be in the crypto nation before mass adoption
•I’m grateful to have a geniuine mentor that is not focused on just selling products to make a dollar
•I’m grateful to be able to know and connect with a lot of successful people here on the Pub
•I’m grateful to consider my association with successful people in the pub as part of my mastermind to attract more abundance.

I am grateful for these things mentioned and so much more to much to list here. I always ask myself daily what am I grateful for and why do I feel so lucky.

I shine my light by not engaging in negative conversations at work when people complain about work or other people. Just try to work on my circle of influence in a positive way.


how are you shining your life to others? What are you grateful for?

Im shining my life to other by showing my hard work ethics and the rewards you gain for being determined at what you want to acheive, kindness and always trying to be positive when times get challenging.
I have also directed many of my friends who are into crypto to do the B90X not sure if any have started but if they havn’t then i don’t have time for their complaining when times get tough like it is now

Im grateful for my parent for giving me this life and teaching me valuable life lessons (school of hard knocks) nothing is given but earned
Im also grateful for Peter and John for dedicating their time mentoring and teaching us


I’m grateful for everything that has been given to me, everything that has been taken away, and everything I’ve been left with. This program is more than knowledge, it’s inspiration -and I’m truly grateful for that. Thanks Captain!


Shining my light: Sharing the good things I know with others. Teaching them if they want to learn.

Grateful for: A relationship with God and receiving His blessings, being born in America, grateful for all the opportunities available out there, knowledge, finding B90X, having a mentor like Peter, having a wife that loves me, friends, learning from others, and my B90X peers… :first_quarter_moon:

DAY 51 – Grateful for a shot at the moon…:rocket:


I have been having a hard time with this one. I watch the video three times. What struck me as odd as I had to find things that I was grateful for. They did not just roll off the tongue. As far as living that style of Aesthetics.

I Shine by working hard and letting people see me working hard. It upsets me deeply if I am perceived as slacking or lazy. I carry my moral code on my sleeve. For example, if there’s so many that I’m associating with that is cut up an infidelity, I distance myself from that person quickly. I find that to be a violation of my moral code and what nothing to do with it. I know for a fact it is hurt me career-wise because some extremely able people like to fool around or whatevs. But I don’t stand for it.

As far as being grateful, I am grateful for my wife. She is the perfect combination of freaky and a librarian. I’m also grateful to have a good job but the same time I’m tired of it I want a new game bigger game. I’m also very grateful that I ran across to bitcoin. Pub. This seems to be the exact place I need and want to be. I expect too, and hope to shine for all those at the Bitcoin. Pub.


I shine by working hard and trying to show people how to improve their lives, whether it be that beetcone or other financial advice I have experienced. I’m big on trying to reduce waste, I still think I have too much.

I am thankful for my family (dogs included, of course) for being supportive. The pub, especially the discord and alpha cohort, are VERY supportive and also like family.


I shine because I always have an open mind and realize that we all have it made living in a free country and even being able to participate in things such as B90X. I’m the most grateful son of a B!t(h on earth . I’m blessed beyond measure with an awesome wife ( who is also my best friend) a healthy son who is bright and knows he is loved. Every morning that I wake up and both my feet support me to the point I can go work , play, exercise, then there is really nothing for me to complain about. Because its up to me at that point. Opportunities are everywhere. Hell a lot of people on earth can’t wipe their own ass. My heart goes out to those in that category.


I’m shining my life by grinding, even though it isn’t quite where I want it to be others are noticing the change, the hunger and direction I’m facing. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have been bestowed upon me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to just crush it!


I am shining my light by openly reading during break at work. Publicly telling people about my YouTube. And I am grateful for this opportunity and to be here with everyone.


I am truly grateful that I was able to wake up today and be blessed with another opportunity to be with my loved ones and afforded the ability to move forward in my life purpose. Every additional day to me is truly a blessing and a miracle.

I have been told that I shine but truth is I have no idea if I do or not. I am focused on staying optimistic about the future and doing what it takes to make things happen with a positive attitude so that my kids can have an example that they too can stay optimistic and accomplish their goals with a positive attitude no matter what they have to endure through.

Because of what I’m working on, I naturally talk about the changes in technology and how others can benefit from blockchain however I really don’t go out of my way to promote it. It’s just a natural topic in my household which leads to curiosity of others. If you are living it, you really don’t have to promote it because others will see it and want it.


Where are you shining your light? Never giving up on goals. I’ve been building the farm/brand for 4 years. It’s a slow go but I can look back and see that all of my efforts have been paying off. And there’s so much more to come. I’m excited about that!

What are you grateful for today? I’m so thankful for this community. What you guys are building (Peter and John). The opportunities that I have been given. The future looks bright!!! I’m more excited than ever!

Oh I’m also thankful for this bear market :rofl: