#B90X - DAY 50 - Good Design Makes a Product Useful



My distractions are reading manga weekly which I developed to save time from watching anime lol. 7 minute read compared to 20 minutes.

Discord and crypto forums especially during bear markets :violin:


Im being useful to myself by researching into everything im invested in thoroughly, keep up to date with the latest news and new technology so im always prepared, eating healthy and staying active.

I could cut out the use of facebook alot more, subscriptions i no longer use

Overall its not perfect but im feeling good about my progress since the start of B90X with cutting out going out to eat and drink and buying takeaway and cooking at home instead and started budgeting


Whoo hoo! Just returned from our annual family vacation at the beach and now that I am all relaxed up, ready to rejoin the B90X grind.

I realized during my time there that I had forgotten how to relax, how to chill, and how to do it efficiently……there is a time for everything, and a block chain lifestyle needs to do everything efficiently. So I set my mind to it and learned to enjoy the food, the drink, the day, the relatives……….ride some waves and live in the moment.

Now I’m back and focused on this trail, the one we are all on to get to the moon. Focusing on the moment, the current hour and day….while working toward a long range goal. That is how I am being useful to myself.

I find that I can only truly focus on one or two areas at a time and stick to it. I’m easily distracted by Youtube videos, ad video games, unrelated tasks, emails and people coming and going. I think they call it Shiny Object Syndrome. Time blocking and day planning my essentials would be a good system for me.
DAY 50 – Goal: Get to the moon in five years. :last_quarter_moon_with_face::first_quarter_moon::first_quarter_moon_with_face:
Note to self: Buy a rocket. :rocket:


My distractions are much less then they used to be since focusing on B90X.
I hate to say that my time bandit is The Bitcoin Pub Discord chat. But at the same time it is something that is needed for the comradery of the like minded. It steels my time from doing the B90X and working my strategies out. So, I do not do it much it as of now, but wont cut it out entirely.

I have been useful to myself by showing my wife how committed I am to improving our condition, and in so doing, she has committed to raising her standards for her eBay store so that she is concentrating on selling more profitable merchandise. I am trying to get her to do B90X, but I doubt she will, but it is not out of the realm entirely.

What I need to do to cut waist is to dial in my nightly to do list so I can knock out my actions of importance with intention. This is my next action. While I am thinking about the things that need to be done when I get off of work, I will write it down so it does not get lost in the quagmire of my mind

What has helped keeping waste at bay, is when I see something that my immediate family tries to do, which is sideways to my vision and mission, I point to the mirror in my bedroom with my vision and mission on it and they realize that the hustle is on, and their deviation will not be tolerated. But what I did not expect, was my children get it and have not been complaining. They might not be happy about it, but they realize that there is a bigger game going on and they are part of it.