#B90X - DAY 50 - Good Design Makes a Product Useful



Talk about a revelation! In listening to today’s B90x, It just occurred to me that I have a huge blind spot. As I mentioned in #B90X - DAY 49 - Blockchain Designed Life is INNOVATIVE, I get bored easily, and while I always saw this as a great driver of innovation when coupled with timeboxes and daily goals, what I did not realize is how much time I waste outside of my “official” schedule chasing tangents. I am pretty good at accomplishing what I set aside to do, but then after that, I go and explore other side projects too. This means that I could be redirecting this energy into my Mission. I need to reallocate all this wasted time back into my purpose right now. It all adds up. Thanks!


I have wasted to much time watching TV this last week. My son wants to watch “our show” together but then instead of watching one we end up binge watching for hours! Another time wasting issue I have is putting off the gym when my mom comes out. She comes and stays 2 days a week. Those two days I usually schedule a workout class or hike. I need to just tell her, "I’m going to go workout and I’ll be back in an hour. " why is that so hard to do? I also can’t work on trading or anything that has to do with money or making money. She doesn’t understand.


I help myself by always striving to learn new things. Lately I’ve added audiobooks on my way to work which adds to my total literature input.
My biggest time waster is by far facebook.


I think I have improved my trading strategies, I feel happy seeing my coins grow. I have struggled with looking for ways to make extra money, but now I have to decide only between two options.


By being stricter with my daily schedule, and trying to find ways to keep improving it I am becoming more efficient, which gives me more time to do things that will help me improve as a person, like reading inspirational life-changing books. Ever since I got serious about working out I have a lot more energy during my day, and an easier time falling asleep, instead of lying in bed for hours waiting, this will help me regardless of what I intend to do.

I take too long when I’m eating. I like either reading news articles or watching youtube while I eat, but even when I’m finished eating I might get stuck for 15-20 min longer than I actually needed.
I also space out a lot. I can jump into the bathroom to take a quick 5 min shower in the morning, but before I even turn on the shower I stand there just thinking for a few minutes, so a quick shower ends up taking more than twice as long. The same goes for most things I do during the day.


A B90X concept I need to work on is time boxing everything during the day. It would be more effective to move on to the next task instead of getting distracting after one time box is over and not having another one to move on to.


As I stated in day 49, ‘Surround yourself with people who will increase your potential’ that said I am fairly independent and have cut a lot of BS from my life, but haven’t necessarily replaced it with positive influences. I’m working and planning on going places and right now my main concern is taking care of myself and doing what I have to do to achieve my gameplan. I don’t like being held back and generally I have to perform a lot of tasks on my own because if I don’t, or I wait for someone else to get involved, I will be wasting valuable time waiting and that’s not my thing. Thankfully I found the Bitcoin Pub and B90X to keep me structured and get me on the right track, learning important information and moving towards the goal. :rocket:


I’ve focused my self to get my business started. I’m 100% legal now lol. Dream Maker Customs. and I’m getting my wife and my little brother on board. Its cool as hell. This is my goal in life. Now I’ve Incorporated the block chain into the mix.
My wast is that I try to do way to many things. I’ve got to be able to trust other ppl. They maybe able to do something I can’t and I’ve got to be able to let them work with out me hovering over them. I’m slowly getting this one down. I’ve been let down a lot but that is all the past. new leaf lol. I’ve trusted a couple of ppl to help me build my miner and helped me get it going. I felt helpless because I needed to watch and learn. it was cool to learn from 3 ppl that are 10 years younger than me. I was so use to showing them. now to be on the other end was humbling to say the least.


I’m being more useful to myself by:
I also stopped buying beer for my house back in Jan. Now I plow the money into crypto.
I have streamlined my work so I only concentrate on my own projects and crypto.
I need to stop watching movies in the evening and spend more time on ledgering my crypto trading accounts.


Sideways energy are social media apps, but I use them to engage with potential new people entering the space. I have crypto meetings at my house every Wednesday evenings with my friends, family and strangers. Teaching them and preparing them for the future is what it is all about!

See you all on the moon!


Bear with my French: “Charite bien ordonee commence p;ar soi meme”

Meaning: Well made charity starts with yourself


I’m being useful to myself by investing in my future with the maximum amount of time I can, learning everything I can and saving money. Eliminated unproductive social media. Check it only once a month or two months now


There is many side energy and distractions which I was talking about in previous B90X threads. My mind is constantly on battle field.

I’m constantly focusing on possibilities to gain more bits and I have to maximise my profits and keep as much as possible can.


I’m being useful by eating right, getting up earlier and grinding that B90X. :wink:
I’m being distracted during the day by my cell phone apps, monster energy drinks, errands/house wants.


I’m useful to myself by staying away from social media. I have always hated social media, so I have stayed away since 2011, twitter being the exception. Movies are my distractions right now; I need to spend less time watching movies and spend more time learning.


You have to be honest with yourself. If you can do that then you can succeed at your goals. Staying focused on eliminating waste is definitely something I need to continue working on. I look forward to continuing my goal to streamline and simplify my life.

  • I am being useful by working smarter and not harder everyday or at least I try.
  • I am being useful by sticking to my B90X program EVERYDAY shine or rain or zombie apocalypse or if computers take over the world and they turn us into their computers and they stuff us all inside a box and start asking us dumb questions. (Real talk, go to google and the stuff some people ask. Oh Ma LarrrRRdD, Jesus help us.)(Also, not trying to be saltyyy :heart:)
  • I am being useful by cutting out most of the social media. Mostly use it to sign up for stuff or check messages from family and friends that still use it.
  • I am being useful by sticking to my goals and remind myself everyday why I get out of my warm and cozy ass bed.
  • I am being useful by sharing the good newsss with people I interact in my everyday life.
    This week, I talked about blockchain with my personal banker. His name is Victor and he kinda heard about bitcoin but had no idea about the tech behind or pretty much anything. We started chatting and I didn’t want to be the pushy guy so just gave him a basic explanation of blockchain and talked about the possibilities and advancements that are out there already. Dude seemed pretty into it, he even gave some ideas to integrate banking and crypto lol. I don’t know if he got the “decentralized” part lol but well. He said he is going to buy some BTC when he gets his next paycheck so I will be check with him on my next visit.


Mannn I truly enjoy reading other peoples comment sometimes cause it shows me I am not the only weirdo out there! MUahahaha. Byeee.
Pub :heart:


I have leaned up on wasted efforts and energy waste, but I am still not as lean as a Spartan, so I’m using this pause to identify and cut unnecessary waste of my personal usefulness to myself, my family and everyone else.


Continue my every day learning. Remaining disciplined and taken action on my goals. Waste management distractions working full time, I will limit my YouTube watching to a hour a day. I’ve invested heavily in reading to replace my tv watching. On my mobile phone favorites list. I’ve Kept crypto which includes bitcoin pub, finance investment, calisthenics training and invested in a motivation life coach. Will continue to be a better version of myself and embrace the challenges.
We going to moon my alt coins gonna moon :waxing_gibbous_moon::rocket: