#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



Most of my time is spent at work. When I’m not at work I’m catching up on house chores, yard work, and getting in some exercise. After everything is done and the dust has settled I’ll have dinner with the kids and spend time with them. I really don’t go out and party much, so I’m pretty boring in that aspect.


i guess i lose alot of time pushing things to a later day … am now learning the 4Ds strategy
Do it - Urgent and Important
Delegate - Important but not really urgent
Delay it - not Urgent and not really important
Dump it - if it’s of no value, don’t give it much of a thought.

enjoying the B90X


Day 5 – Eliminate Waste

You caught me on this one Peter!
I could be a poster boy for wasting time.
These are the things I need to clean up:
• Reading too many emails
• Watching TV excessively
• Listening to bad/fake news
• Staying up to late
• Sleeping too late
• Decision-making (IOW indecision)
• Video solitaire
• Overall, general, procrastination

Also I thought about “ things I should be doing that would eliminate waste” if I would just do them. They are:
• Set goals
• Schedule my time/activities
• Weekly review of what was accomplished

Accountability – it’s probably why I waste so much time as I am retired and not accountable to anyone. I am aware of this challenge and have already started working my way out of it.
Checking off on Day 5.