#B90X - DAY 49 - Blockchain Designed Life is INNOVATIVE



Im dissatisfied with myself holding back and not speaking out at what i want sometimes and letting opportunities goto someone else because i felt they deserve it more than me when i should just put up my hand up do it for myself and reckless spending of money.

To take every good opportunity that comes my way be a little greedy and not pass it up for someone els to only do a lesser job when i know i could have done it better.
Smarter use of money start budgeting to achieve my financial goals


The people I talk to are all interested in crypto and have 1,000 questions but they don’t want to sit down and learn it. Don’t expect a high conversion rate at this point in time.


If you are goal setting and planning for the out years, you are probably 95% ahead of the national average. I never made any goals 'til I was in my mid forties. Continue to revisit and update your plans and you will get there sooner than you think.


Currently on vacation – trying to keep up.
Not really dissatisfied with anything, but I wish things could move faster with my crypto and real estate dealings.
I am stuck in a house rehab and I was recently injured and will not be available for several week. Meanwhile the rehab expenses are adding up. I need to sell, even take a loss, to get free.
My innovation for future buys is to only take on properties with minimal down, minimal work required, already have a buyer lined up, and only on terms satisfactory to me. IOW no risk on my part. No tar baby projects.
In cryptos my plan is to DCA and spread my risk potential over several coins. My idea is to have the ability to avoid any one coin bringing me down and having risk spread over a multitude of other projects.
DAY 49 – HODL and wait……wait and HODL :turtle::rocket::turtle:


My disatisfaction: The fact that every time I get a little ahead, something happens, and I slip behind again. There is no emergency fund, because there is always an emergency. Every raise that I have gotten (which has the potential of letting me did myself out of trouble) is eroded by the Federal Reserve monetary policies; make money out of thin air and destroy the buying power of the dollar. I’m willing to grind it hard to make that money, but that money buys less and less every year.
Enough with that woh-is-me crap. I have a vision, I have a mission, and I am actively pursuing that ticket to the moon.