-Wake up every morning and remind myself of my goals and my vision how i want my life to be
-Be around supportive positive people to help me stay focus
-Say no to things that don’t align with my goals and vision


I either need to work on patience (think more about the big picture), or see some gains soon. I got in the game at the high point of Dec 2017 (ouch!). Since then, I’ve managed to buy in as the market was shrinking. I’ve managed to put in most of my extra money, but haven’t realized a single gain yet. I do believe in the bigger picture of long term HODLing, but as I’m spending more time looking at coin prices each day, I feel like I should be taking gains now. I’m also so new that I see one of my coins raise and get excited, but then it falls back down a week later to a new low. It really is frustrating when I know there is money to be made and I feel like it keeps passing me by. I have strong hands when it comes to long term holding, but I’ve been in this space for 8 months now and haven’t gained anything yet. I’m really hoping that my patience will pay off. I desire a crypto lifestyle.


I have my Vision.
I have my Mission.
I have 3 out of 4 of my mission goals iterated to the point of knowing they will be acheved. The fourth one I still need to flush out. It is New Territory for me and I need to work through the how-to’s of it all. But I do have a rough out plan for that.

I have a secondary Mission purculating in the back of my skull that I think would be excellent for Yen.IO. This is the one that I will need help with. unfortunately I am not at or will soon be at the level of cryptonaoght for a while. But I intend on changing that.
I love going to auctions to find things to sell. Either on eBay or at my yard sale or via other avenues on the internet. I was thinking about documenting the process of it all (with video and blog), the going to the auction, going through things, looking up things, selling on eBay, conecting with people that you don’t know and closing the sale.
If I had my way, I would get away from eBay. They take to big a slice of the pie. Store fees, process fees, pay pal fees. It adds up to about 18 percent. And the restrictions are huge. Lots of things you cannot sell (politically correct bull shit). I want more capitalist freedom. But eBay is well-established, and it works. But they are bit greedy.
I’m not text savvy.
I’m not video savvy.
I’m not blog savvy.
So this whole idea is completely outside of my comfort zone. But I’m getting the tickle in my Nethers.


but you’re the real savvy real person and that’s attractive very much brotha


I have high confront for things I don’t know. And if I want to know them I will figure out how. But it is always good to have a little help.


Confront:. The act of being able to face something comfortably and perceiving it.


I like that sentence! Thank you!