#B90X - DAY 47 - The Blockchain Designed Life



I have laid out my path towards the ultimate vision, I review my tasks for the next day every night ensuring there’s no wasted energy or effort in getting there.


The steps I’m taking are from the B90x creating habits and taking steps that are in line with my mission and vision.
As soon as did the mission statement it came up in the book I’m reading currently 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Just goes to show how in line this program is and have a great mentor to follow.


i thought id designed my own life already its average and i was happy with it just coasting along but since the advent of the crypto explosion after watching it from the sidelines since 2013 and only chosen to do something about it in mid 2017 and started to think how i can position myself to have financial security with out the stress of solely relying on my primary income.

-Work hard at my job never stop learning what i need to to have my dream position and boat.
-Be a little selfish and take every good opportunity that comes my way and not pass it up.
-Keep active eat healthy. not dining and drinking out for the sake of being lazy
-Keep learning to code this is a slow grind but i want to implement what i want to build into my work to make my life easier.
-Budget on things i need not want
-Condition my mind to be focus of where i want to be and what i want to be and remind myself of it everyday


Now I have my mission statement and I feel that it is right for me.
I feel comfortable in my own skin now.
Life seems a wee bit easier for now because my tasks come down to a simple sorting issue of whether the activity supports my life mission statement, or it doesn’t. I just have to grind through doing the right thing. Execution is a bitch.

Making the right choices gives an ease of mind, less mental conflict.
Doing the right thing provides me with feelings of achievement.
Achievement/accomplishment provides me with confidence.
Confidence makes the task sorting easier next time around.
I take these little successes and HODL them until one day I am right where I designed life to be. That’s my plan.

DAY 47 – It’s Our Future — Envision it……Blockchain it……HODL it. :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatching_chick:


I’m letting my intentions be knowing first of all to myself, to my family, to the Bitcoin Pub, and pretty much anyone else that will listen.

Motto: The Universe Rewards The Hustler
Vision: With moral integrity and high work ethic, I would create an environment where my family will flourish and prosper for generations to come.
Mission: Get a ticket to the Moon. Get one whole Bitcoin, through Trading kryptos, going to auctions and reselling, and setting up small raffles, and getting overtime at work as much as possible.

When I started writing on the mirror, I thought my wife was going to scream. I didn’t really care, I was going to do it no matter what. But she loved my vision statement so much she knew things were going to be going in the right direction.

I hope this fits what you were thinking with on this step @peter. If not I’m sure we will flush it out in the coming sessions.


B90X is a great exercise to get your life corrected. Even if BTC was non-existent, the disciplines you learn are life changing. No matter what your goal is, I believe this can help you attain it. I started my crypto journey in January, and have been with the pub for 2 months now. What I have learned since joining the pub is unbelievable, and everyone has been VERY helpful and supportive. Self improvement level: IT’S OVER 9000!!! Thank you @peter for being a great mentor and believing in your students! We are sticking around for the long haul!


@Trilamanila I’ve read the book, it’s good and so true that most successful people have one thing in common. Good habits they are disciplined about. I joined the exercise thread some time in February, I started my time boxing for exercise January 1st. I feel so much better day in and day out and my bottom number on blood pressure has went down 10 points. I always thought I was active enough at work building houses. It’s not the same. Choosing a good healthy habit regardless of what it is is so gratifying and having to fight the mental battle on the tough days is so worth the fight. :muscle:


I have let life push and pull me around at times, but I have been fighting back and inch by inch I’m starting to take control and live my blockchain life my way.


This time around just finished 17 Principles Of Success by Napoleon Hill when got to this day. They are

  1. Develop definiteness of purpose (Burning desire financial freedom/passive income)
  2. Establish a mastermind (Yen cohort)

3.Assemble an attractive personality (Communication practice through YouTube content)
4. Use applied faith (Art of believing by doing. Building something with YouTube)
5. Go the extra mile (Working on making content for free that I enjoy)
6. Create personal initiative (Just do it pump the videos)
7. Build positive mental attitude (Listening to audiobooks everyday and reading)
8. Control your enthusiasm (Focus on actions towards goal everyday. 100k subs and crypto)
9. Enforce self-discipline (Every successful person is self disciplined to do actions for success)
10. Think accurately (See the potential in video content and personalities as future and Cryptocurrency and blockchain)
11. Control your attention (Working on time boxing)
12. Inspire teamwork (Pump videos for cohort to hopefully motivated them to push as well)
13. Learn from adversity and defeat (Grateful for my situations to lead me to this opportunity)
14. Cultivate creative vision (Work in my imagination everyday of possibilities and niches)
15. Maintain sound health (Clean diet drink a lot of water)
16. Budget your time and money (Timebox and spreadsheet and Mint app to what’s going where)
17. Use cosmic habitforce (Long hodl of habits to get to my goals. Creating videos, reading, learning, DCAing)


At this moment Im focusing on eliminating waste. I’m timeboxing 1 hr a day for crypto now. So I need to prioritise what I consume.


I am grateful I took the time to design my life and write it down years ago. Having the habits and daily routines in place to move towards my goals has been a huge blessing to help me get through the different tragedies that have broadsided me.

To have a plan and be able to keep moving towards that plan, no matter what hardship or circumstances occur, truly helps with the knowledge that you are still moving forward, it maybe very small steps but steps all the same, and that has given me amazing hope and courage to endure.



Setting goals and sticking to them!!! Grind on! :muscle:


when I’m falling, I get up and moving forward! Learning everyday!