#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



Trudge the road to Bitcoin mastery.


Attendance, attention, intention, fortitude, perseverance, sacrifice, indomitable spirit, courage, confront, focus, hustle.
This shit does not happen by itself.
Thank you @peter for boosting all of these in me.


So this is the one that got my ass in gear… this is the one that, even though I was watching multiple B90X a day, made me stop, start over, and document for EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. I am still here. I am still CRUSHING IT! Damn It flew by faster than I thought too! Time to grind bitches!


So so true, showing up is over half the battle. I’m still here . Glad to see all of the crew that is still here. I know @kimchi has had a rough go but miss you bro. I still have to post on a couple days I am filling in my notes, I’ve had to watch those videos over and over they are important to me and I want to get them right. :+1:


Need that 365 badge :star_struck::joy::hulksmash:


I’m coming back tomorrow to.


May stumble and fall but not going anywhere and will keep on showing up.


I had some problems showing up for B90x. Keeping focus is harder then I imagined. I’m catching up this week. And will keep showing up until day 90! :muscle:


Half way through B90X and I am excited! Looking forward to each day of work, lets grind :facepunch:t3::smile:

“You have no right to believe that you’ll succeed if you don’t put in the work”


Yeah, still here. I actually started hitting the like button to track where I am in the program. It also serves a visual reminder to where I am, and shows you some love for putting out the content.


In all honesty I have not be able to post or watch daily just because of the work/grind I’m doing so I am off the schedule a bit but I’m still showing up.

I’ve put “You have no right to believe you are going to succeed without putting in the work.” up on my wall not just as a reminder for me but my kids as well. What a simple yet powerful statement!


Putting in work, even when the markets are shit and all your money is bull locked… lol.



Show the fuck up! :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


Show the fuck up GABRIEL!