#B90X - DAY 45 - Guarantee Your Success in Your Mission - POWERFUL MINDS!



This is what I look at when I start my day. My motto, my vision, and my mission.

In the past when I take up a new hobby I throw myself 100% into it, but this new action of the crypto universe, I am allowing myself to become obsessed. This is not an accident, it is totally intentional. I am 50 years old and most likely will not have another shot like this appear in my universe.

I have put all other Hobbies aside for right now. If I play this game correctly I can come back to them in leisure.

I have been constantly thinking about ways of generating capital with the sole intention of getting that first Bitcoin.

I’m going to get my ticket to the Moon.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m willing to consider.


I think about corgis all day long. I am a Corgi. Haha, but for real, Corgis are my kids and I want them to have the best life they can because dogs love you to the greatest amount and beyond. My wife is also amazing and I love her very much. I want to eliminate any restraint that occurs so I can spend my time with them.


•Currently I am obsessing about personal development for wealth and not riches. To become an ideal future husband and father.
•Also I think about the future of gains everyday of what I’m gonna do with it investments and how to spend it. There is no doubt in the gains.
•I monitor my emotions to feel good everyday and do not focus on lack of or doubt.
•Meta crypto news to see how bitcoin and blockchain is expanding everyday.

Essential same thoughts except building something time and thinking of attaining 100k subs for Youtube Channel.


I’m currently thinking about ways to streamline my mission targets. During the day at work I make notes to myself on what actions can be done when I get off work, in addition to all the things that a life with a house, wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a lizard demand. LOL. and despite all the insanity in my universe, I strive to get them, if not more. I stayed up late to post this.

More tomorrow. I’m going to eat that elephant eventually.


For the last few days when I can step back I’ve mostly been thinking about ways to progress with my channel building, how to grow within the crypto space, keeping up with crypto pace, part time sales, spending time with certain people.


In thinking my long term crypto strategy. There is too much short term waste at the moment. I’m still working on my personal vision and mission. And then live by my new goals.


VARWEE is on my mind 24/7 be it product designs, app design, location app ideas, educational center class ideas, coin, store or volunteer activity ideas. I wake up at 3 am writing stuff down. Everything I do, read or study is to improve or increase the ability to build and launch VARWEE.

My family talks about VARWEE constantly and how we want it and what we need to do to get it done. We want it launched yesterday so bad that it drives us to work more on it today to make it happen. We eat, sleep and think VARWEE!

We even take our computers to the hospital when my husband needs to go just so we can work on VARWEE while waiting. I think we may have passed the obsession level. :grin:



You are going in the direction you are facing…

I’m always thinking of ways to expand the farm and Grow things year round. Those grow tents though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: so exciting


It couldn’t be reminded it enough!