#B90X - DAY 44 - Mission Goals, START!



@FloridaWater - #TheTimeIsNow


THE MISSION: I want to buy that first whole Bitcoin, through trading cryptos, going to auctions and finding things to sell at a profit, getting overtime at work, and actively perusing other avenues of raising cash that are legal.

I AM going to get that ticked to the moon.

  1. The trading of cryptos is developing now and the completion of the B90X are my bite-size steps.
  2. My wife and I have been going to auctions for years now. Its exciting like a casino and can be very profitable. Sometimes you get something that is a flop, but through experience I get more wins then not. My wife has a store on Ebay and she loves to sell old games and toys (but basically sells anything she can clear $5 on).
    What cannot be sold on Ebay goes into our yard sale. We set up about 6-10 per year. We live in a small mid-western town in the corn fields of Illinois. The countries largest camp ground (Wood Haven) is 4 miles away. Its more of a resort as you have to purchase one of their 6000 lots to stay there. We get plenty of traffic and repeat customers. We just have to play to the whims of the weather, and time things for holiday weekends,
    Up until now, we have been keeping things small. Not from trying to, but my wife rarely buys things of higher dollar value, for fear of not being able to make a profit. She sells 30-40 items per week but only clears 3-400/mo. So there is way too much work for the amount of money she makes.
    I went to a auction with her on Friday after work, and stayed until midnight. She left at 8, and left me with the check. Needless to say, I got in trouble. (she usually spends $50) $500 later I had the rusted out dodge caravan loaded down with stuff for Ebay and the yard sale, which were not just 25 and 50 cent items, I’m stepping up the game and taking her along kicking and screaming. Already sold 2 items for $175 through facebook. Got everything else priced out for the yard sale and gave the wife some nice things to sell on Ebay,
  3. Overtime is something I take when I can get it. Overtime is needed to make ends meat in the household, but as a personal bonus for getting it, I get $5/OT hour. I would use this for personal hobbies or just spending money. Now it goes to cryptos (no bread money allowed). Due to the $5/hr personal money, I found myself getting more OT. I hunt it out in other departments, but it is not always there. I have a reputation of being a hustler at work, so department heads like it when I come to help.
  4. I started asking friends for ideas to make some extra cash. I need to find something that is not going to take a lot of time, as time is being a rarer and rarer commodity. I ran across an idea that has potential. Got it from my gun dealer. He does online raffles. For him it is guns, or ammo, or hunting related gear. Lets say the cost of the item is $300. He will sell 10 tickets for $50. And when all 10 are sold he will draw the winning ticket. All done through Facebook and pay-pal. Have another friend that is doing it also with good success, so I am looking into it also. (I’ll need to break this action into smaller cycles of action to make it an actionable plan)

I’ll keep my ear to the ground for other potential money making activities.

The Universe Rewards the Hustler


I’m really grateful for you being here in the PUB William.

I’m thinking about something for over 2 weeks now. Something want I want to tell you and encourage you to do it, but man…
That’s gonna be to much for you now, I will wait until you finish B90X.


Thx for the mystery sandwich


What can I do to begin now?
Sleeping honestly, I run 20 hour days so I can Grind at work, grind on alpha homework, spend time with the fam. I DCA BTC/ICX right now. I mine as well.

What can I save in 1 week? What can I save in a month?
As soon as my paycheck comes in(weekly), I throw money into savings. I also (as stated above) DCA. I plan to throw in more, but the extra I have I am currently throwing into my credit card (small amount and zero interest newegg account) and my car (almost paid off) I am just snowballing my payments into eachother.

What must I begin to remember when I feel the urge to spend?
I am much better nowadays as I have worked on this, and try to give myself a 30 day waiting period before I commit. If I see something and I still want it as badly 30 days later, I’ll get it. I slip up every once in a while for things I ‘invest’ in, such as my gimbal for alpha class. I think that’s ok though as long as I am spreading out the items over time and not all at once. Buy cheap things to start, and if I stick with it then I can get better, more expensive items.


Finally pulled the trigger and started a Youtube channel which wouldn’t have happened with that good old “Build something” push from the Dogelord.
Filming things today to start second Channel as well.

  • crush fiat side hustle to cover crypto income tax so I don’t have to sell crypto for fiat and quit my main job

  • Build a following and crush it on yen

  • start a crypto inspired e-store

  • learn to code

  • improve TA skills

  • try, fail, try, fail repeat untill success then repeat again on ideas for products, services, & companies.


This should officially catch me up on posting on this B90X journey. :beer:

My First Mission is to pay our house off. Its the one thing on this earth that we do not own and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :bulb

What can I begin to do now? Minimize sell everything that does not bring value to me.
Think incrimintal - i have always saved money incrimintally per week since I was 15. so, i have gotten pretty good at that.
Think realistic- This is very achievable.
What steps am I taking? Just yesterday I took the two most expensive extra vehicles that I have and put a for sale sign on them. i kept my oldest truck that will do what i need it to do because it is very dependable. At this point in my life, I do not need the other two trucks. I also applied for a couple positions at large company completely out of my comfort zone and my normal career path. Sometime this week I will probably have to choose between the two. I’ll stick it out as long as it takes to pay this house off.

It feels so damn good to be caught up. day 41, 42, and 43 were really hard. I had to make some gut checks and I didn’t want to rush through it!


Vision: To live a life that leaves a legacy of faith, love, endurance, liberty, wealth, knowledge and magical memories for generations to come.

Current Main Mission: Launch VARWEE July 2020

Mini Mission:

  1. complete blockchain building course
  2. build crypto holdings to set goal amount
  3. write VARWEE white paper
  4. revamp VARWEE website and facebook page
  5. add technical advisor to team
  6. identify team members needed to build VARWEE
  7. create VARWEE coin
  8. add team members
  9. increase beta members following and involvement
  10. launch beta record keeping app
  11. launch beta educational center
  12. launch beta location app

I know there are some mini missions that I’m missing that I will need to add to the list but these are what I am currently working on.



Mission 1 is to pay off the house.
Mission 2 is to grow the farm for steady income. Financial independence.

What can I begin now? (Mortgage related) I’ve already started paying on the principal weekly. (Farm related) I just started 4 more trays of salad mix seed. At 10pm :flushed:.

What can I save in a week? What can I save in a month? I have the weekly budget down to the penny! Money management is one area that I excel in! :muscle:


I decided to keep it really simple and focus on just this week, because right now is all I can see.

1 complete “The love code” or "code of love"
2 keep working on opening my eyes how great things are around and how great people I can engage with.
3 Go to London and spend a great time with UK PUB members.
4 Record a great video content from London PUB meet up and upload on my YT channel
5 Keep working on my projects.
6 find the new job