#B90X - DAY 43 - Crafting Your Personal Mission - If You Choose to Accept It!


My personal Mission is Self Mastery and to be Self-Sovereign. I plan to achieve this by pursuing a minimum of 1% growth a day in mind, body, spirit, and wealth. And in so doing, achieve a state where I become valuable to others and can help others stimulate change in their own lives.


My current mission is master serenity while adapting to my new lifestyle and encourage people to join the blockchain revolution.


My mission at the moment how I see myself is to live life with purpose, life within I feel good with myself. And because of that and my story and progress, change, will be blessing for others.


My mission today is get out of debt and live the good life. I have all this money and I don’t want to spend it in hopes of a bigger dream. The mission and goal is now set and the trigger finger is getting frisky :rofl: Love you guys keep plugging or get plugged lol


I’ll be putting pen to paper this weekend. Becoming debt free and achieving financial freedom are two of my main goals. I look forward to adding to these lists soon.:spiral_notepad::pen:


My current mission is to learn as much as I can about crypto so I can teach my family. EVERYONE in my family is skeptical about cryptocurrencies and don’t trust it a bit.
One of my goals I set is to get at least my dad into the game before the years end and so far so good. Haven’t been pushing much cause he does not like changes but I just want him to understand and see what I see!! just been talking to him about it here and there and showing him the latest news about the advancements, baby steps!! soon though, I’m going in for the kill!

It’s funny how you can have the best intentions and the only thing you want to do is spread the good word, and share an incredible opportunity with others but people don’t want to listen. Even when you present real proof of all the ongoing changes that are happening in the different industries. I guess that’s why we were chosen to spread the good word right?

STAY STRONG my crypto brotha’s and sistas. The day will come when all the dubious eyes will turn to "Oh sht fff c***yeah… I should have listened to you eyes.
Much :heart: Bitcoin Pub.


Thank you for forcing us to look clearly at ourselves.

My mission(s):
Step 1 done. Mission accomplished already. I worked hard the pas 15 years and i was ruthless and i got out ot the need to work to get enough to live.

Step 2. Stay there. Ongoing mission. so far as the interests rates keep going up i’m fine and getting better. but i know it won’t last for ever.

Step 3. Ongoing. Work harder. I’ve been learning FX trading for the past 6 months. I actually was convinced that Bitcoin was absolute rubbish and non tradeble, and by all means non-investment grade stuff. Nevertheless, I considered i had to be thourough and do my homework on the currencies fully. So after learning the FIAT and the Gold i learned about Bitcoin. WOW ! and the LIGHT appeared ! Bitcoin is the single best thing ever !

Step 3.A. Buy 1 bitcoin. done. Convert it to a daily managed portfolio of altcoins. done. protect yourself in a down run. done. (because I trade BTC against Altcoins, only my number of satochis matter to me, the more the better of course).

Step 3.B. start the FX trading. Still doing my homework on that and need another 6 months.

Is all the above compatible with the 5 questions. Yes.

Good, lets go to the MOON !!

Strap up guys !


This is by far the deepest soul searching I’ve done on my own personal goals/mission in a long ass time. Current Mission towards my vision is: Lock in weekly profits by internalizing TA & DT skills while ensuring QUALITY time with my family. See y’all in the moon!


Decentralisation. Yes Sir


1 - What are the top 5+ things you enjoy doing the most?
Being in control being a leader
Operating commercial boats
Spending time with the family
Mountain bike riding
Traveling going on adventures
Making people laugh

2 - What are the top 3 things you must do weekly to feel fulfilled in work and in life?
At work to be sure the clients, bosses and crew are happy with my performance and that they know im keeping their vessels well maintained cleaned and doing all of my required duties.
In life my family is happy with life they are provided with everything they need.
Get enough exercise so i don’t become lazy.

3 - What strengths have other people noticed in you?
I can lead a crew/team of people
A good operator, keeping equipment well maintained and clean

4 - What strengths do you see in yourself?
Loving and caring

5 - What bad habits do you KNOW you need to stop?
Having self doubt
trolling idiots or people with different views than my own on fb

Financial freedom and own my own home

Now filter this back through the 5 Questions. Does your mission:
Include at least 1 of the top things you enjoy doing? Yes
Include at least 1 of the top 3 things you need to be fulfilled weekly? if i can translate what im good at at work to investing and trading Yes
Include utilizing your strengths that people have noticed in you?Yes
Include strengths you know you have?Yes
Will my bad habits get in the way of my desired mission?No im determined to stay focused to the direction im facing