#B90X - DAY 41 - Retrospective on Market and Personal Psychology


You can say that again.

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My focus these past couple of days has been to rally my friends, family and closest co-workers to wake up to the revolution.

I myself have been learning how to ready trade patterns and to research ICO’s much better.

Don’t FOMO and have patience, we’ll all talk about this journey on the moon soon!

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There is not one point that you have brought to my attention that is more important than the other. Your market psychology section can help people that are still having issues with trading discipline (FUD/FOMO) as always thank you for all your hard work and putting this together for us Peter!


Time to tighten up my review game


The most impactful for me was the one I failed to do, establishing a goal before entering this game! This will not be the approach moving forward, goals are set and now having mental awareness coupled with lots of retrospect most certainly will get me to the finish line. Thank you so much Peter :wink:


Staying strong and HODLing! Getting better day by day :sunglasses::hulksmash:


No shortcuts in this adventure, stay true to yourself avoid using gurus as crutches, think for yourself and finally continue moving forward as you learn by making mistakes.


One of the most important lesson taught me was the power of DCAing which helps drastically with market and personal psychology. Hodl on hodl strong.


The entire psychology package was amazing.
I guess I already knew the market didn’t care about me and that it needed a new pile of loser investors continually to keep it moving forward. I just never heard anyone come out and say it.
It reminds me of banks and credit, continually expanding the debt to keep the beast alive.
DAY 41 – We are building the new frontier. :android::rocket:


Setting the goals before the trade is critical.
Set up my own personal system, and sticking to it. But I still catch myself being tempted by greed. But I am standing fast to the system, and when it fails, I will adjust, but not mid cycle. When I did violate the system, I got spanked by universe. I felt the pain.
I stopped trying to deceive myself that I could out-think it on the fly. Just stick to the rules.
Once the rules were in place the emotions got under control. but I will say the FOMO still itches in the background. Discipline, discipline, discipline.
I understand the risk, and that the deck is stacked against me, so refer back to goals, rules, and discipline. Those without are there to feed the machine.
I know I don’t know, but I’m grinding to fill in the gaps. My postulates will BE.
I’m intent on finding my own way that works with my present condition, instead of hoping to find the magic pill.
I expect a whole new game is about to unfold. off to day 42


No fomo buying, stick to your plan. Don’t hold past your goal and be greedy. Continue what you started and show up to work (day 46 I believe) but it’s TRUE! Show up and do the work. Take the minuscule time to watch the video and type in the pub. You’ve made it this far, why not just finish it? Once you’re finished, do it again. I challenge you. The replayability on this is great and you build and improve on your lifestyle changes.


I am noticing solidifying the mentality of 5-10 year hold is no issue anymore. But forming new habits and keeping all of them all at once is pretty difficult.


Here for the long haul :white_check_mark: Getting my shit together and being more productive, well I’m working on it…


@MeddlingSheep You have the perfect attitude :+1: seek and conquer :rocket:
What I have learned in retrospective is that I am content at the plan I have in place. Where I still need the most help is taking profits. To be honest I do have a goal, but I have such a long term strategy my profit taking may be years away and if so that is great, more time to dca and accumulate. But I do have $101.17 on coinbase pro waiting to drop the hammer :rofl: The extra $1.17 came from my last trade. So beware I am on a hot streak. :fire:


Retrospect. Talk is cheep. You got to walk the walk. My posts on B90X have been slowing down because the GRIND is happening.

Last week I took vacation. I timed the vacation to coincide with a 4 day festival in my town. It’s called Depot Days (this used to be a train town). The population in my town is about 2000, and during Depot Days, their are over 20000 people come to town.

I was planning on a Friday/Saturday yard sale to sell all of the stuff I buy at auctions. The weather forecast for Friday got worse and worse for rain. It was a sad moment. I had to solve this problem, as the proceeds of the yard sale were intended to get some more bitcoin, the ticket to the moon.

My wife and I decided to move Friday to Thursday. In addition to all this my mother and farther were visiting for the week from California. While talking to my neighbor about the change of plans, he offered his 12’X20’ canopy. I agreed. Then another friend offered a 10’X10’ canopy. Then my parents went to the market and got 2 more 10’X20’ canopies as a gift. (My mother saw my Vision and Mission statement on my bedroom mirror and contributed to the cause)

I had over half the tables covered, and the 2 day yard sale turned into a 3 day yard sale. 24 tables of stuff to sell, with plenty of inventory to replenish when things were cleared. We made $1700. CRUSHED IT! It was 14-16 hour days, but it was almost 3 weeks pay in 3 days. We kicked ass and were completely exhausted.

We used some of the money to buy out another yard sale that did not do so well (bad marketing, bad weather), but there was good stuff that had lots of meat on the bone.

In addition, we had a two separate people come to us to clean out their basement and garage of stuff. They don’t want any money, they just want the space back. There is plenty of stuff for yard sale and eBay. Wow. The universe truly rewards a hustler.

Then back to regular work on Monday to do 10 hour days all week and hit another auction last night to get more stuff to sell! My wife cleared out the one persons basement on Monday, and we’re cleaning out the other persons garage later today. My body hurts, I’m still exhausted, I’m still excited, money is waiting to clear Coinbase to get that Bitcoin!, and this craziness is not going to stop.

Thanks @CryptoDad for recognizing the perfect attitude.
Thanks @peter for psyching me up to solve the problems of the physical universe and make things better then expected.

I will have that crypto lifestyle.


Taking the time to be retrospective is actually a new skill for me to work on along with documenting what I do. The lessons on managing emotions and self deception had the most impact on me. And how the power of goals protect oneself from being manipulated by the emotions and self deception. :face_with_monocle:


Retrospect… my favorite! (insert sarcasm) Let me count all the ways that I suck ass… :laughing: just kidding. I think I’m doing pretty darn well so far with b90x. A lot of the things we have gone over is water under the bridge. I’ve already matured past most of it. Thankfully. These videos are so nostalgic though :heart: . Man the good old days. So much has happened in the time since I got involved here. It’s fantastic. So much more to come as well.

Day 33 was a little rough. Self deception. We’re all good at this though. No lie. We are our own worst enemies! The struggle is real.

Day 37 Behavior patterns was pretty darn interesting as well. I dig that kinda thing though.


I like being reminded of the need to focus and set goals (a skill I am very lacking in). Through the use of DCAing and allowing myself to remember that the market is not personal and works to only to take money from those of us who lose focus I am slowly working towards my ticket to the show.

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