#B90X - DAY 40 - Master the top 3 essential components for trading + 7 tips around personal trading psychology


I am eager to see what is on the other side of B90X. The lifestyle change is causing change in my family members. They see the old man grinding and they too are picking up the pace. I did not make them do anything different, but its happening.
Whats 5 years down the road going to bring? I don’t know, but I got some ideas brewing that make things entirely different then they are now. Barring a large meteorite hitting the earth, I’m going to kick some ass.


Focused on just accumulating for now and building income from an online business to accumulate even more. Lacking in more funds for more magic internet money lol.


Accumulation and survival are always the number 1 priority. Active trading is more for learning/fun and then when I get good will be for stockpiling.


Accumulation for the WIN! This bear market definitely gets frustrating, but we’re learning and doing so that we will be ready for the next ATH and next bear market.


In all honesty, I’ve been doing more research and TA on other coins to see how and what they are doing so I can have a better plan for my own project instead of using my time practicing on trading.

I’m almost to the point that it’s time to bring others onboard that are smarter than me in the programming/technical side of things. This is the area that is very challenging for me because I’m not a programmer/technical so I’m doing crash course studying just so I will be able to explain what I want to accomplish.

I’ve been so focused on building/developing that the incremental accumulation of the coins I’ve chosen works for me. For me, investing, trading and building in crypto is not just a 1,5 or 10 year investment but generational. What I invest in today will impact the lives of my children’s children.

I struggle with documenting/journaling my crypto or business activities. I get in and get things done but I just haven’t accomplished the skill of writing down and tracking what was done. Excel and I are not on friendly terms but I’m working on it.

Another area that has been mentioned in the pub is the building of the crypto community. As I’ve studied different coins, I’ve noticed that the ones that have the larger community do better in the markets however this is a HUGE weakness in my personality. I’m not very good at the community/networking thing. I’m not sure if this a lack of having the “winner” mindset or not but putting myself out there, even posting here, is actually a challenge for me. But I’m working on it. :sunglasses:


All of my goals/plans are long term. Maybe I should set some short term goals. I think I’ll work on that today.


I will be working on developing a strategy that I can implement and utilize, appropriately while trusting myself and working on contoling my emotions.

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