#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



My inspiration comes from many sources. Jesus who showed love and acceptance to all. My late father, who never would ask anyone to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do himself. He was wise and honest. My daughter inspires me. She has had many surgeries and a reason to give up, but, she is positive and finishing up a master’s degree. My husband inspires me. He has made great changes in his life and become a wonderful partner. He was always risk adverse, but, now is my partner in crypto!


Peter J. Daniels- because of his work, his business, the legacy he left for generations to come. He showed to others how remove himself from grey empty water of mediocre.

Peter Saddington- because of his PMA/ positive mental attitude, his smile, unique gift to inspire people, his dedication and discipline. Because of his belief in other people when others gave up.

John Saddington- because of his work, incredible sickness discipline writing his blog. Dedication for cryptonation no matter what and who will need to be sacrifice for higher goal.


I am inspired by people who continually seek Gnawledge and live life according to their terms. The Rock- he has come from humble beginnings but through dedication, discipline, and hard work has achieved great things. Tim Ferriss for his continual pursuit of knowledge and communication, and his methods of sharing information and continual effort to UPGRADE EVERYTHING! Elon Musk- for his insane work ethic and ability to learn any task he comes across and to NEVER give up no matter what ANYONE else says, including his heroes. Joe Rogan for his discipline and dedication to information, exploring new topics and pursuing what he loves while at the same time stepping out of his comfort zone to conversate with extremely intelligent people about topics he may have zero expertise on, for the pursuit of GNAWLEDGE! Petah Saddington!! For his incredible dedication and discipline, intelligence, positivity and mental fortitude! John Saddington- who I barely know, but I appreciate bigly the way he articulates thoughts. What I learn from all of these amazing people, is to SHOW UP everyday, seek Gnawledge, step out of my comfort zone and Never Settle for less than my dreams.


This saddens me to reflect on because my mom passed away in 2013 and it’s still fresh but she has always been my #1 inspiration! What inspired me the most was her positive spirit day in and day out and she had a way of touching people regardless of what life threw her way. She had that rare quality to always live on the bright side and see positive. She was confident in her skin because she loved herself… so truly understand what makes you special and trust in your abilities. She would tell me to just start, then do more, everything else will fall into place. She owned several businesses and regardless of the success kept grinding driven to lift others. So smile more, love yourself and life, help/uplift others during your journey and never lose hope. People will naturally chose to be around good uplifting spirits and when you get lost or don’t know what to do - you just do it. Miss you mom, I’m doing it!

  1. My father: he put himself through college being a single father of three kids. Fast forward to now and he’s a schoolboard supervisor for the parish here in Shreveport, Louisiana. He’s not big on excuses or complaining because neither helps you move ahead. He has always encouraged me to believe in myself because no will believe in you more than you.

  2. Reginald F. Lewis: the first African-American to build a billion dollar company. He didn’t come from privilege, but worked his ass off and became a lawyer and an amazing businessman. He didn’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. I take that part with me as I journey deeper into crypto currency.

  3. This may be cheesy, but you @peter and @john inspire me beyond words. The learning curve for me is steep, but y’all give me the courage to not be scared, keep learning, and achieve my dreams on a whole new level!


In some odd ways we try to lead by example… what example exactly is another question!


The power of the doge is strong with the both of you!


[quote=“peter, post:1, topic:6152”]
Who inspires you?
Give us some context. Why do they inspire you? Who are they? What have they achieved?

This might sound like a cliché but my greatest inspiration is my 아버지 which means Dad in Korean. To be honest, he is the wisest, unchangeable, 부지런에(diligent), hard working person that I know until this day.
He had to support his 2 younger sisters and my grandma since he was 6 years old because my grandpa had passed away the year before and when he turned 20, he left Korea to go to Chile with nothing but a suitcase and hopes to find a job to support his family.
The reason why he inspires me till this day is because since I can remember, he hasn’t changed his ways. He eats the same things, he still bargains for the littlest amounts and he dresses the same even though he can afford it. I’m not saying he dresses with rags or ripped cloth but one look at him and you would think that he works at any electronic store lol.
In reality though, he is pretty wealthy now. He owns couple of different real estate properties in Peru, NY, SF, Korea and other places. He also, has 2 other businesses that do pretty good.
He is the rags to riches story that we sometimes hear around. Started from the bottom, now he here. I also think because he is my dad, it impacts me even more. Its different when you watch a documentary about someone or when you hear it from someone else that knew that person. When you are right there to see it all happening, you really believe it and believe me, it motivates the fu*k out of you to be better because you want to be better, not the same. That’s why at the same time is a double edge sword because, the bigger the shadow, the harder it is to get out.
Finishing with the rant, I apologize, I think what I can learn from my dad is his ethics.
Something that he always used to tell me was that even if you are the best at something, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying and get comfortable. Once you are the best, others want to take your spot so that’s when the real battle begins. Never stop trying.
Also, 피터 you are my crypto inspiration!! before I found DCTV, I was investing blindly and wasn’t keeping track of anything. Thank you Sir!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!


i gotta say peter has been a big inspiration to me and the crypto community in general always willing to teach and give back even tho the wealth and knowledge surpasses mine you all embrace newcomers and are eager for them to learn to be independent and successful in this space, it has shown me that i must enrich myself with knowledge and depart it on those willing to hear as this is for everyone and with dedication and determination i will inspire someone else on their journey


My late Dad is my inspiration.

He worked hard his whole life to make sure me, my brother did not do without anything. He sacrificed all his time and money to make sure we were taken care of. Having 2 children makes me appreciate all he did and I want to be that same role model for my family.

And of course Peter! How can he not inspire you with his energy!


No Dad around to inspire me so that job goes to one of the most charismatic people I have had the pleasure to meet & be associated with.
His name was Bill Shankly he was the manager of my beloved Liverpool Football Club.
The club were languishing in the Second division of English Football when Shanks came along in early 1960 & took us from obscurity to the become multiple champions of England & Europe.
He laid the foundations for LFC to become the most successful club in English football, but there was more to Shanks than that, he was a great man manager, a great motivator, he made people believe that they could achieve what they thought impossible.

Here is a bit more background for anyone who is interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Shankly

I have picked up that belief which is partly why I am here & I believe that I can achieve great things, by doing things the right way, the honest way & with hard work.
Hard work is the key to success & I am here to work as hard as I can.
Rip Bill YNWA


Who inspires me is anyone who has what I want usually a characteristic or discipline. I’ve been listening to 17 Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill every week this year. Most of the content are stories of successful people during that time period. In all the stories millionaires would use their imagination by taking two or more old ideas and making a new one. Very big on the basic success principle of who do you listen to and it’s not journalists making success articles or billionaires that don’t read or write their own books.


Who inspires me are all the people out there that chase and live their dreams.
People that stay through to their self show perseverance and determination and follow through.
Peter you are an inspiration too and I am sure you will be successful with our endeavors even if I thought at the start what a crazy guy. You bring positivity and a lot of knowledge!
Yen.io and all your project make the Crypto world better.
Everybody else let’s follow through be determined to ride the Crypto Lifestyle and give us the financial independence that we deserve.
Perseverance, determination, daily schedules, habits.


Without a doubt, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is my favorite author. Not very actual i’ll give you that. Nevertheless, his words and his way to think is timeless. He gave me a vison to follow,

As a marathon runner and a pivate pilot i already have the dicipline and compatible “crypto lifestyle”.

My most difficult challenge in flying, was landing the plane in crosswind and fighting the wind.
I realized i had to “erase my brain” and see the wind as my frien, not as my ennemy.
Use the wind to land, not fight against it.

  1. since then i make great landings in sny crosswind situation.
  2. inow have fun with it ! cool !


Hey Peter!
saw your tiny comment at datadash “long video” :0
Who inspires me? My dad, for his ability to let go and dissolve the obstacles we sometime place on ourselves. No matter life’s little travails, he continues to learn, love, and give -he’s truly resilient.


There are so many people who inspire me, but my wife is number one. She is supportive and kind about whatever venture I want to pursue, crypto and otherwise. She’s a successful engineer at a pharmaceutical company. We can learn that patiance and kindness always go further than their counterparts.

Stephen Covey also inspires me with his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Everything I listen to it or read from it, it gives me perspective on an ideal I am constantly striving for: how to use my time in the most effective way. We can all learn to be more effective.


Some people that inspire me include Jai Dev Singh, Richard Branson, Tim Draper, Patti Smith, Pema Chodren, Arcane Bear, SIA and Peter Saddington.
All are creative, entrepreneurial, prolific, articulate, disciplined, pioneering, relentless. They articulate their craft with visionary purpose beyond the self-serving into an almost altruistic realm of revolution that serves the entire species.
They are highly motivated. Driven by a higher calling or purpose. Disciplined and consistent in their daily duties, practice and routine. They exhibit an inexhaustible lust for life and a positivity which is infectious and inspiring
Efficient and pointed in their action and time management. Articulate and inspiring in speech.
Perhaps they have overcome obstacles and challenges in life and continue to thrive and better themselves.
I am inspired by those that can share that lust for life, who put family at the fore, look after their physicality and finances, while elevating themselves to create and produce and inspire. Wholistically enhanced in every way.
I am awed at how all these things can be managed seemingly so effortlessly. This is what I strive for.
My wife also inspires me, as she’s up at 4:30am every morning doing yoga and getting our son ready for school. She is so grounded and commited and patient with my particular ways and mood swings :wink:


Whoa, is this guy for real? Radiates positive energy from my phone… Nice!


After watching day 4, I started thinking about the authors of self help books and programs who have made impact on me.
Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Robert T Kyosaki, Carnegie and such started to open my eyes some ten years ago that my live is for me to design.
Besides that there have been a few ppl in sports which are really motivating, Jeff Cavaliere is just one of many who set solid examples for motivation. Every athlete has a positive influence for me. I guess it is because of the focus and relentlesslness towards their goals.
I am realizing that a lot of ppl in my life have had a positive impact on several big or small aspects of my way of handeling things or conceptualizing thing, situations or ppl in my life. Those are probably the best examples! The all day everyday down to earth kind of ppl who make great changes with relatively small acts, sometimes without even knowing it. Awesome!


In my personal life there have been few who inspire me. I’ve been blessed to have been surrounded by doubters FUDders and sarcastic finger pointers most of my life. Normally I have let it get to me emotionally and let it drag me down… Until last year when I said to myself NO MORE.

So, in my life I have had to be my own inspiration against it all!! And today, my inspiration is coming from the one and only Charles Hoskinson, who is following HIS own moral compass even when he no longer needs to earn $$ he left Etherium, which he co-founded, and now heads up Cardano ADA. He did this over morality issues and creative and development differences.

I have now also been inspired by Peter… Finding decentralized TV has been a real boost to my energy and determination within the crypto space!! Thanks guys!!