#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



DAY 3!
My inspirational person is someone I know. I’m not even sure if he knows… But here’s why. He goes non stop on his passion. I honestly don’t know how he finds the time for all his projects. He is incredibly driven. When I met my friend I had no idea what he did, he was just a friend of a friend - the nicest person with the kindest heart. He will help anyone. His answer is always YES (I’m a big fan of the YES) and has a high five for everyone. And then I heard his art. Chris is a musician and producer with his own label and successful talent and professor and touring DJ - recently adding video into the mix. I think he is an amazing talent. Over the past few years I’ve watched him expand his art and efforts in amazing ways. Whenever I need a pick me up I throw on one of his mixes and not only get energized from music - but also my friend behind the music who just gets shit done. I guess what I’ve learned from Chris is to surround yourself with people who are accomplishing similar goals and just keep at it no matter what. Oh and be nice while doing it. So thanks go out to Left/Right for keeping me enthused and inspired. #timetravelisreal


I LOVE “vibrates my groove molecules” I may have to use that one!


I missed posting this yesterday (But I totally still did my part to learn and study up on the Crypto market), but who inspires me? Hmm… It’s a tough one to answer without context. I’m a software developer, and I have a guy who is over me who is 24 years old and is one of the brightest guys I know. He’s self-taught, like myself, and there are a lot of things about him that makes me want to be a better developer. I’m not bad, by any means, but his level of knowledge and intellect in the subject matter is so far above my own that it’s easy to be enamored by him.

If I can take that passion and inspiration and use it here, in the Crypto market, I feel like I’ll be able to provide for the people I care for in the long run.


I’m inspired by my parents, my wife and daughters and friends. I’ve also been inspired the last few years by Tim Ferriss. The principles of lifestyle design shared in “The 4 Hour Workweek” caused me to reassess my entire approach to work and make significant changes that led to less hours at the office, a better relationship with my wife and kids and more joy overall. I’ve implemented principles from the “The 4 Hour Body” since June that have allowed me to lose 15 pounds and feel healthier than I have in the last 20 years. I’ve listened to almost every episode of his podcast and it’s exposed me to ideas and led me to take actions I never would have considered. I’m committed to constantly learning and growing from a variety of sources, now The Bitcoin Pub has risen to the top of my list!


There are many people, that have inspiring me. Known People like Elon Musk, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, Casey Neistat, Richard Branson and @peter of course.
People around me, like a 75 year old friend running now a little company at his age. My wife.

But there are two guys that I’ve learnd so much and with their help I developed myself.
1. Raymond Hull
He wrote the book “How to get what you want” (1969). So inspiring. It was my start to get a better life more than 15 years ago.
2. Christian Bischoff
He’s a german motivational speaker. Heard so many of these “gurus”. He’s the one I stuck with. His mantra is "you don’t know where your limit is, you only know where it’s not"
And one of my favorite “one hit every day with an ax in the same spot cuts down the biggest tree”


I’m inspired by Tony Chester. He has dedicated his life’s efforts to Enlightenment of others. While he prefers to live a relatively modest lifestyle materially, he brings lifetimes of meditation practice, and the Light that results from that, to help people wake up to their larger Self. His selfless giving is an example of walking the talk and provides inspiration to many on a path of spiritual awakening.


people who inspire me are people who take a stand and make a positive impact to others.


I know it is a cliche answer but my Dad is my biggest inspiration. He started from nothing on his own and started selling anything he could get his hands on at flea markets when he was 18 and parlayed that into a belt buckle business that made him and my mom millionaires. At age 40 he decided that despite being set as far as money went, that he was going to pursue his dream to be in law enforcement and became the oldest person to complete the police academy, and worked as a homicide detective until he retired about 7 years ago. Even now he stays busy selling things on eBay. He taught me that no matter what it is never too late to pursue your dreams, and that you can surprise yourself and others if you just give things a shot. That’s why I’m here, and that is my inspiration every day.


Awesome man. It’s worth it. It’s worth emulating those you love! Keep it going all the way to the moon!


Quite a few people inspire me, but one that quickly comes to mind is Lindsey Stirling. Despite being eliminated on America’s Got Talent, she persevered and became a successful music artist and performer. A great illustration that hard, persistent work can have a positive outcome, and that there’s always going to be naysayers to be ignored. :slight_smile:


I have two friends that have inspired me and continue to do so.

My friend from Hong Kong is a lovely guy, very kind, generous and extremely disciplined. He works very hard, volunteers at soup kitchens and in sick kids’ hospitals and still has time to be there for his friends.

My current flatmate has been an inspiration to me this year. He left Ireland and has been working for himself and travelling for 3 years. He has shown me that it is possible and I would like to do this in the future. We were both looking for a project to get into when we decided to invest in crypto in August, it’s been quite the experience so far and we have learned so much.

Famous people that inspire me: Elon Musk (intelligent and driven), John Cleese (funny and philosophy), Dalai Lama (philosophy).


Awesome! Inspiration can be found everywhere!


People that have inspired me are;

  1. Im a christian so no guesses there. The guy sitting on the moon :wink:
  2. Einstein - made difficult things very simple.
  3. Adam Koo - has a very simple way to explain stuff.

My 5 year old and her uncanny nack of dismantling anygting in a matter of seconds.

My science teacher when I was a youngster, I am mad on science and engineering and anything technical. I have had two line managers that have been amazing to.



Just remembered one of the videos that inspired me to change me life and chase something else. It’s only 3mins and I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

I showed it to all my secondary school students before moving to South America. I think it is very relevant because I’m hoping I won’t have to worry about money soon and I can focus on what I actually want to do with my life.

I just saw this extended version and I think it is very interesting relating cryptocurrency to Alan Watt’s views on power as well. John Cleese has an excellent book called “Life and how to survive it” and one of the many valuable things he mentions in it is that - People who are not in control of their own emotions try to control the behaviour of others. Reminds me of a certain person in crypto… Haha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCFB4jSgTMw - extended version


Morad Askar (FuturesTrader71) continues to be an inspirational figure for me. This guy is a legit professional trader that has been giving back to the trading community for years now. He puts out tons of trading development content, and unlike many of the charlatans out there selling educational materials for trading, 1) this guy gives most of it away and 2) is an active successful trader. As one might expect, a good chunk of what makes a successful trader has to do with their psychological foundation. Here is a section from one of his webinars that talks about mindset and the transformative potential of embracing a growth mindset. This sort of thinking is so powerful as it can be applied not just to trading but any aspect of one’s development. https://youtu.be/Ak5hrg_WbYM?t=5m23s


Two people.

Derek Sivers who has a crazy story and an even better blog. His ability to keep things simple and entertaining inspires me.

Pieter Level, who did 12 startups in 12 months, because there’s no BS and he just figures things out on his own. This video is worth a watch.


The people who inspire me are anyone who is willing to take risks to achieve their goals.


There are a number of inspirational figures within my life. As most have stated, those figures have deep level of discipline, take calculated risks, use failure and learning opportunities, plan their work (hope is not a strategy), and surrounding them with themselves with people smarter than they are just to name a few. The following are a few of many… God and John Wooden.

Recently started listening to Darren Hardy’, DarrenDaily messages. He provides some pretty good material to kickoff your morning.


One of my favourite quotes:
“If you don’t risk anything, you risk missing out on everything”


Day 4 …my dad inspires me the most…he was a single dad and still worked hard and put us first …he has always been driven and kept his eye on the prize. he has his own business and still works as hard as he did wen he was 20yo. He has always made goals and crushed them… Best part is he is encouraging my crypto learning