#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



I have to think about this for a while , I may even have to find somebody that inspires me . To be honest after long and hard thought that person would be my Mom, as i grow older bringing up my own little 8yr old DOGE i realise everday how much my parent endured to give us what we needed to suceed.


There are a lot of people who inspire me.

The most prominent inspiration I have in my life comes from my dad. He was a self-made business man who dropped out of college and built his own company from the bottom up to support his family. He has been running the business for 25+ years now and has always done everything he can to give back to his employees, his family, and everyone around him. He also has taken leadership at two local charities and has a passion for helping individuals who are homeless get back on their feet. He also never asks for anything in return or expects anything from the people he helps around him.

I hope to live my life the same way he does, and not only give back to others once I “reach the top”, but constantly help others around me reach their goals and live happy fulfilling lives while I’m on my journey.


Linus Torvalds inspires me. He created Linux which is the best operating system. He made it open source, so that other people commented it and got involved. As a result Linux community, was created. Now around 1,000 people work for every linux kernel update. It is getting better everyday thanks to community.

The most important think is he always believe himself. When he was creating Linux operating system he was a bachelor’s degree student, but he believed himself that he can create better operating system than other operating systems.
We can see how much he believes himself on this video : https://youtu.be/4XpnKHJAok8?t=12m15s . In that video he talks about how he created the “git”. He complains about centralized models and say that : “I decided I could write something better than everything out there in two weeks. And I was right.”

Similar to Linus Torvalds, Satoshi Nakamoto was not happy with centralized financial models. He created Bitcoin, he made it open source. He believed that project, we can see in the white paper. Now hundreds of people work on bitcoin to make it better. Millions of people invest it. He created a community like Linus Torvalds. We are part of Bitcoin.

As a result, couple of days peter also said this when he was showing extremely great bench press video, Believe yourself. Just Believe.


I really appreciate Elon Musk for his innovation. I like Gary V for his energy.

As of late you inspire me @peter Not to kiss ass, but I speak for many people I’m sure that your positive energy is amazing.

So what can we extract from you? What behaviour makes you successful? Positive energy and can do attitude, combined with a great sense of humour. I feel I possess these 3 characteristics already, but not till the same extent as you, but I’m happy with my levels of it.


Thanks my man @HarryvdV!

You guys want to know how to win at life? Work harder than everyone else. I hope you guys see the work we are putting in to build this infrastructure. Nobody works harder than the people building this Pub.


I can’t say any person inspires me nor would I attach that to someone as it would eventually lead to disappointment. Personally its more what inspires me. My dad left me with a silly saying that I like “Don’t talk about it, be about it” Its like the country boy version of Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So with that said here is the short list of who “has” inspired me.

@Peter - I randomly ran across his channel one day searching for more crypto info. I like his passion, I was sold when he created this pub. It was not just talk, he took action and created this pub

Scott Hanselman - As a guy who was technically never supposed to be a programmer and got where I am buy sheer force of will. Scott speaks like a normal guy. He is funny, realistic, and humble. Some of his information I’ve adapted to other areas of my life: https://www.hanselman.com/blog/DoTheyDeserveTheGiftOfYourKeystrokes.aspx

My grandpa - I remember working construction and coming over his house to fix his computer. He watched me as I diagnosed this mystical thing for him and had him up and running in under 15 minutes. He looked me in the eye and said Jesse, why arent you doing this for a living. I remember trying to tell him that I didn’t have the training or any college. I will never forget his response. “I see fear and only fear, never let that hold you back from what makes you happy”


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Who inspires me? There are some many persons because its like having to tend the fire to keep it going and 1 piece of wood will not give me enough fire. I am inspired by many including my grandmother and various authors but especially by Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale the massive things to learn from them both is the absolute need for discipline and for controlling your mind as “We become what we think about” and “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTl-X6BkrDU


We all have had people who have inspired us in various ways, from parents to teachers to leaders in their own chosen fields. Each exhibit focused behavior that leave footprints that we can follow as brought out by @john:

By following these footsteps closely, don’t be surprised if you look behind you and see others following in YOUR footsteps!


Thanks Harry for taking the time to comment on my posts. The best leaders at one time were the best followers!


Carl Sagan. His writings had a significant impact in shaping, and bringing my entire world view into focus. I hate that I’ll never have a chance to thank him personally and shake his hand. :star2:


I inspire me, sounds odd but I’ve spent too many years living up to the unrealistic expectations of others. Now I just listen to myself and go after the things I really want. Inspiration comes from within.


My parents indifference and small mindedness inspired me to live a more open, healthy, adventurous and fruitful life.

The bigotry expressed by my sectarian minded neighbours in Northern Ireland inspired me to not be so judgemental of others.

The never ending deceit peddled by the media’s social engineer’s inspired me to seek the objective truth in all things.

The humility and gentleness expressed and practiced by the amazing Theologians, Nuns, Monks and traditional Priests im in contact with on a weekly basis, along with the works of so many past saints throughout the ages have inspired me to be more gentle with myself and to be more gentle and loving of others, that hate and anger are destructive vices while love, humility and charity are virtues to be practiced daily.


The people who inspire me are the people who have actually created cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dash, monero, ethereum, among others.

From reading a variety of whitepapers and learning about the unique features/characteristics of a lot of cryptos I think it would be really cool to merge a lot of the signature features from a variety of coins and to see how it works. I think that would be a pretty cool thing to do that both is interesting and fascinating to me.
The downside is I don’t tend to pursue doing these things, or I try to do it on my own, which isn’t very efficient or as fun.
One of the reasons I joined the bitcoin pub is to join a community and learn with people who are like me.
The reason I haven’t pursued this is have no idea where to start or how to even complete such a task.

Also, the type of people who inspire me are those who are very nice and kind, friendly, those who are willing to lend a helping hand. I try to emulate these characteristics as well. I feel like I do a fairly good job in this respect.

Other types of people who inspire me are those who are focused, even on things they may not enjoy doing, but are necessary. I tend to have a hard time keeping my mind focused on a task or idea, especially if I don’t enjoy doing it. There haven’t been a ton of things I have spent a lot of time. Cryptocurrencies and trading tend to be 2 things I can focus on studying. However, things like writing long essays I have a hard time focusing and getting the task done, even though I know I am fully capable of doing so as I have done so with ease in the past.

I hope the B90X journey is going great for all!

I can’t wait for the rest of the program!




Hi dear Crypto Nation,

I’m inspired by several of the people.
The first one is Paulo Coelho. When I was young I have read the “Diary of a Mage” and the lesson I have learned is that true power is love) We live our lives to give our love to another people. We need to feel love.
The second one is Jeff Bezos. The founder of the Amazon. I hear about him from the book I have read - “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon”. And the lesson I have learned from his biography and lifestyle is that never give up. All the world could be against you and everyone could say that you are wrong, but if you believe in something, just do what you need to do.
The third one is Bill Gates. I’m really inspired by this person. He’s so intellectual and smart. The biggest part of my inspiration for him is that he had built an industry and the philosophy called Microsoft. He is one of the largest philanthropists in the world and I love it so much. This is our mission to make life on Earth better.
Also, most of my inspiration comes from the people how are around me) @peter you are one of them) Thank you for being so cool)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Slightly obscure one, I doubt most people will have heard of him…but Tom Crean is one of my great inspirations.

For sheer dogged persistence, and struggle in the face of ridiculous adversity - Tom and other Antarctic explorers did things 100 years ago that we still struggle to do today, even with all of our technology.
He was not rich, or even considered that successful by your average standards - but to survive, and then go back again (3 times!) is testament to what anyone can do when you just put one foot in front of the other, and never give up.


I stopped to see some inspiration around me, I can catch many many good ideas from many many different people, but I don’t admire too much anyone. I want to be able to make it work without a guide. I respect and admire the work and the life of many people, but I try to catch the inspiration on what I do, in good and in bed moment. How I improve something that was terrible and how I used my skills to reach something.


Einstein, Tesla, Bohr and lots of physicists are my heroes for inspiring me to make sense and to understand the universe. Elon Musk is the guy who inspires me to be more productive. And most importantly, everyone in this pub who helps me learning new things in this wild crypto world.


My mom always inspired me because she always took the best out of the opportunities life gave her, despite coming from a poor family. Her ability to socialize always amazed me and I have a little bit of it, but not at her level. My dad also is impressive because he is always up to date with the news and knows how to learn new technologies with ease. I try to learn from both :slight_smile:


I a man inspired by my wife. She is positive, outgoing and happy. Her love of animals and animal welfare may only be surpassed by compassion for human suffering. She feeds cats that are dumped nearby her work. She captures the cats and works with local orgs. to have them fixed, find homes, posts their pictures on various social sites. Her donations and volunteering for under privileged school children/districts, child abuse, homelessness are very inspiring. But it is this conviction I have seen over many, many years…that is what motivates me to do better and be better.