#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Slightly obscure one, I doubt most people will have heard of him…but Tom Crean is one of my great inspirations.

For sheer dogged persistence, and struggle in the face of ridiculous adversity - Tom and other Antarctic explorers did things 100 years ago that we still struggle to do today, even with all of our technology.
He was not rich, or even considered that successful by your average standards - but to survive, and then go back again (3 times!) is testament to what anyone can do when you just put one foot in front of the other, and never give up.


I stopped to see some inspiration around me, I can catch many many good ideas from many many different people, but I don’t admire too much anyone. I want to be able to make it work without a guide. I respect and admire the work and the life of many people, but I try to catch the inspiration on what I do, in good and in bed moment. How I improve something that was terrible and how I used my skills to reach something.


Einstein, Tesla, Bohr and lots of physicists are my heroes for inspiring me to make sense and to understand the universe. Elon Musk is the guy who inspires me to be more productive. And most importantly, everyone in this pub who helps me learning new things in this wild crypto world.


My mom always inspired me because she always took the best out of the opportunities life gave her, despite coming from a poor family. Her ability to socialize always amazed me and I have a little bit of it, but not at her level. My dad also is impressive because he is always up to date with the news and knows how to learn new technologies with ease. I try to learn from both :slight_smile:


I a man inspired by my wife. She is positive, outgoing and happy. Her love of animals and animal welfare may only be surpassed by compassion for human suffering. She feeds cats that are dumped nearby her work. She captures the cats and works with local orgs. to have them fixed, find homes, posts their pictures on various social sites. Her donations and volunteering for under privileged school children/districts, child abuse, homelessness are very inspiring. But it is this conviction I have seen over many, many years…that is what motivates me to do better and be better.


Sounds like you have an amazing wife my man! Synergy is a beautiful thing, especially when two loved ones bounce of one another and reinforce the good they do :slight_smile:


People Who Have Inspired Me

  1. My dad because he created a successful business out of a dream and showed me that Hard work pays off.
  2. My mother because no matter what got in her way during her life, she always came out of top. Never give up in yourself.
  • Orphan - found a happy family and came in 2nd in Miss W Virginia pageant
  • Lack of education opportunity - put herself through nursing school at the community college
  • Divorced with 2 children - always worked, in some cases two or more jobs, to make our life normal.
  1. My wife because she is a dedicated supporter of mine. Without her support I could never do what I do each day. Give to others and they will provide for you. That will give you the energy to give more.
  2. My children because they have shown me how to be a kid again. Never grow up!
  3. My 5th grade Geometry Teacher because she gave me a D, despite having a 98% average on tests. I never did my homework. She taught me Don’t take shortcuts and even if it is easy, do the work. It will be it even easier.
  4. My many mentors throughout the years. Believe in your capabilities and never stop learning!

My new crypto mentors! It doesn’t necessarily matter how you play the game, but just play it consistently and over time it will pay off! Focus on the end goal, not the day to day rumbles!




Thanks for taking the time to write man!
Such great inspiration!
Those wives tho. They make us better do they not?


Indeed they do. Without mine, I would be lost…oh yea…also hungry, bad clothes, dirty dishes, eating bad, etc. She is my ROCK!


I can’t say that any one person has inspired me. I’ve been able to find inspiration in many people, some more than others but no matter their success or whether they are friend, family or stranger, it always comes down to certain behaviors that inspire me. Things like discipline, determination, passion, kindness, empathy, patience, dedication and compassion. Some examples would be @peter’s discipline with uploading a B90X video daily, @Angela’s kindness throughout the Pub, the @moderators passion for the Pub community, my mother’s dedication to her 3 boys, my brother’s determination to advance his scuba diving career and so on. Seeing these quality behaviors in others reminds me that we as humans are capable of achieving amazing things, no matter how big or small… and that is what inspires me to keep self improving, keep working hard, keep moving forward and to not give up.


Boom. Great stuff! Let’s keep pushing to the moon!!!:rocket:


I want to tattoo this on the inside of my eyeballs.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is probably my favorite book of all time. Treasure is found within, and I believe that love is the most important thing in life…to love oneself so that we are capable of giving that love to others.


Well said! There are people that have done great things and are inspiring ( @peter I’m looking at you!) , but in the end we are each responsible for our own success!


Oh I so love that book as well.


Sending the LOVE backatcha


My first boss Iain Rangeley at Grey Matter.
We used to sell more Microsoft Software than Microsoft UK. Around 1991.

We ended up with the smallest direct supply contract in the World and got product by pallets direct from Ireland. 1998

While there I introduced commercial Linux software into the UK in 1997

He made me unemployable.

I could work when I wanted, come and go when I wanted. Monthly profit share. Monthly increment of my salary.

He sold the company, I knew it wasn’t going to stay the same. So I knew that was my time.


Hedflux - A dance music producer that decided to take his production extremely seriously. From the position of working astrophysicist and unknown bedroom producer he made it to the big leagues within four years. Last year he moved his whole family to South America and is living his dream. I don’t care to play festivals, but he does inspire me to become a better producer and developer and to work towards my dreams.

His life view vibrates my groove molecules.


My mother inspires me - she moved over from the Philippines to Australia, no money, no job, no english & was able to create a life for herself from nothing.

Elon musk - his creativity is something else & willingness not to fail.


My first pastor, Bill Hybels, says that it is the leaders job to stay fresh and inspired.
Dallas Willard is tops.

Edward Santana Grace - Take responsibility, grow and give hope.

Jordan B Peterson - Take responsibility. Tell the truth (always). Be willing to sacrifice that which isn’t useful.

Sungshim Park Loppnow - Live life fully. Be diligent in all you do. Talk to Jesus about everything and actually LISTEN he guides us into love and freedom.

Jesus, I believe that he is the smartest person alive.

Ok, thats enough for now.