#B90X - DAY 35 - Crypto is a Man's World... of Risk!



μ™œ? I remember ranting about this few lessons ago but I am here to make that money because I want to provide for my future kids(around 4-5 kids) and grandkids. Also, definitely in for long haul because I believe in the potential that blockchain has. It is going to change the world and we are not that far from seeing blockchain technology come to its full potential and being alive to experience it…:jeans::boom: and what better place to share and enjoy it than the pub with my fellow pubers, am I right or am I right?
#HODL #Life :bch::icx::bitrocket:


I was a crypto HOSTILE ! 100% against it.

All i saw before was some β€œstuff” that could go up from 2,000USD to 18,000 and come crashing back down to 8,000 USD. = not an investment grande thing.

I was WRONG.


I learned about it. I did my research, and i SAW THE LIGHT.

It is the No1 best thing ever and i want to be part of it.

I want bitcoins, as many bitcoins, altcoins, ethereu coins, and future new coins as i deem fit to have.

I want many many many bitcoins :slight_smile: regardles os the value in BTC/USD

that means i’m in it for the long run,

Crypto assets represent about 1% of my total wealth and this 1% today will probably represent 20% of my total wealth in say 15 years.

Gooooooooing to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOON !

Thank you Peter !