#B90X - DAY 35 - Crypto is a Man's World... of Risk!



왜? I remember ranting about this few lessons ago but I am here to make that money because I want to provide for my future kids(around 4-5 kids) and grandkids. Also, definitely in for long haul because I believe in the potential that blockchain has. It is going to change the world and we are not that far from seeing blockchain technology come to its full potential and being alive to experience it…:jeans::boom: and what better place to share and enjoy it than the pub with my fellow pubers, am I right or am I right?
#HODL #Life :bch::icx::bitrocket:


I was a crypto HOSTILE ! 100% against it.

All i saw before was some “stuff” that could go up from 2,000USD to 18,000 and come crashing back down to 8,000 USD. = not an investment grande thing.

I was WRONG.


I learned about it. I did my research, and i SAW THE LIGHT.

It is the No1 best thing ever and i want to be part of it.

I want bitcoins, as many bitcoins, altcoins, ethereu coins, and future new coins as i deem fit to have.

I want many many many bitcoins :slight_smile: regardles os the value in BTC/USD

that means i’m in it for the long run,

Crypto assets represent about 1% of my total wealth and this 1% today will probably represent 20% of my total wealth in say 15 years.

Gooooooooing to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOON !

Thank you Peter !


The why has been the same for financial freedom to have no chains of debts and to be able to abundantly provide for my family. I have no doubt this is such an opportunity. We’re living in the best times right now.


Self-mastery before mastering anything else outside of ourselves is essential in this industry and all of our lives, totally agreed


I had no idea about crypto, didn’t even know about it during or after the run up to $20k.
A friend talked to me and sent me a book. I was hooked ever since, it is the future. I am on book number 8 now, The Bitcoin Standard.

I want a world free from debt, inflation, war, wasted productivity, and indentured servitude created by our current monetary/banking system. Bitcoin is the answer to that. I hope it is not tamed before that happens.

There is a financial incentive as well. I want to create generational wealth for me and my children as will. I am trying to reallocated a portion of my saving to mainly bitcoin and a few others. While we are in this “bear”/sideways market.


I got into bitcoin for the wild ride.
I see blockchain/cryptos as a high tech tsunami available to any man (or woman) seeking financial independence and it can be done without the government, financial institutions or the federal reserve.

Seven levels of Why I’m in Crypto:

  1. Why? To be the first millionaire in my family.
  2. Why? So others will listen to me
  3. Why? So I can show them the laws of abundance
  4. Why? So I can help my family and others raise up from poverty.
  5. Why? So they don’t have to be focused on money
  6. Why? So we can decide what we really want to do in life apart from day-to-day survival.
  7. Why? So we can pursue our passion and be happy?

I’m 68 and:

  • I want to provide for others…….and be great at it.
  • I want to experience a life in which I don’t have to make decisions based on how much it costs.
  • I like to be in the know, ahead of the masses. I like to learn new stuff. – I’m not lazy if I think I can make honest money.
  • I want to be involved in business with little to no government interference or bureaucracy.
  • I want the next generation to have a streamlined and efficient economy and financial system. I want life to improve in all levels of society.
    DAY 35 – You got to risk it for the biscuit! :croissant:


Keep it going! Never too old to win!


What is your WHY? I want to be the hero to my family. We have lived within our means for so long, we are used to it. I want to have the ability to pay someone else to fix my house, BUT i cant afford to fix it my self. I want to take my family on a vacation, not just a day at the water slide. I want to have a new truck instead of a rusted out used car that I have to always wrench myself. I want to buy my wife a new car that has air conditioning and will not break down at the worst time. I want central air for my house. I want to flourish and prosper.

Why are you here? Education, motivation, and guidance. I cannot do this alone. But not only that, once I actually get my hands on the controls and am able to fly this ship, I want to be able to pass it forward and help guide others that are also eager to learn. This is the place to learn crypto.

What are your motivations? A lifetime of just getting buy. I’m done with bare necessities. I’m done with used cars, buying my cloths at the thrift store and 100 year old houses that I can afford, but cant afford to upgrade and remodel. I’m done with doing my own brakes, my own plumbing, roofing, landscaping, etc. I’m done with hustling for the man and only getting buy. I’m hustling for myself now. I’m hungry to be free. And as I see it, This is the gateway to freedom.

Is this a game to you, or do you really want to live the long-term crypto lifestyle you so very much want? A game has Goals and Barriers, Rewards and Penalties. The goal IS the Crypto Lifestyle. There are so many barriers. Each one has to be dealt with to get to the goal. Some barriers are external; banks, police, laws, politicians, suppressive people who want to keep you in the mud. The worst and hardest barriers are internal; i’m not worthy, I did not go to collage or even finish high school, I don’t dress right, I don’t know the right people, why should I succeed. So YES! This IS THE GAME! I have already beat down so many barriers. The rewards are so profound. The penalties I am living with now, because I did not start the grind earlier in life. I’m Ready for the grind now. I want that Crypto Lifestyle. I’m willing to fight for it.


Initially my why was to diversify. When I first heard about and became interested in BTC was in 2013 and the price was around $150. O watched it go up over $1000 by the end of the year and the start dropping again. The fear of the unknown and the difficulty in buying it then held me back. Ohh man “if only”. My why is for my daughter to go to college debt free and for my retirement. I’m learning more every day about this space. I’m in it for the long haul and the hope to create a strong financial culture for my family that last generations.


Why? Why not? This is big and I want in. I want to prove to my self, to my wife, to my family, I can achieve any goal I set myself to. Is it easy? NO! Am I always happy and cheerful to do it? NO! But, the reward… It’s so good! Even when you fail, you are still an improved version of yourself. Always grow. Win the game, and show others what they were too scared to attempt. Live the life you want.


Here for the tech truly. To secure my future for myself and my family. We’re in 1994-1995 of the Internet in crypto right now. Scaling solution hasn’t been found yet. In this shit for life. No cash outs anytime soon.


I’m in it for the long game. Mathematically a limited supply technology such as Bitcoin has only one way to go, to the :crescent_moon: The scaling will happen, but even at its current speed its far better that the old school bankers SWIFT system. A permissionless protocol to send and receive value that runs as written with zero debt. That is worth taking a risk to me. Of course everyone should have rules, exercise said rules with discipline. 100% never spend your bread money. I have always thought of it as a long term investment. I have a problem with taking any kind of profit I guess due to my long term strategy and the fact that I never entered the space for instant gratification. I’m practicing with some small trades going by the rules I set to help with this.


While certain trades in alts are risky, in my opinion staying in the fiat system is the real risk. In my opinion investing in BTC and very sold ALT projects aren’t as risky as they are typically perceived. It is my opinion that the ‘safest’ portfolio to have is BTC, certain ALT coins/projects, and precious metals. Fiat is the real risk when investing for the long term. I’m in the crypto game because 85% of my investments are for the long term, I do give myself that 15% to play around for short term gains, but it is the long haul that will make us money and set us free.


My why is that I am at a stage in my life that I am financially stable enough to invest, and I have a high risk tolerance at this point in time. Bitcoin and Crypto is relatively new, it is ethically and fundamentally much more appealing than the traditional system of investment in my opinion. It has given me the opportunity to start to learn many new skills, modify what and the way that I think about the world and the people I interact with. It has also given me the opportunity for personal growth that I probably would never have considered and to build connections with like minded people I would never have met. It seems that my why continues to evolve and I’m excited by that.


I’m here to change my life. This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. Watching the markets go down everyday in hopes of that one BTC. In hopes of that next boom whether its from the ETF or a year after the next halving. The money is what got me in, the new way of thinking is whats keeping me here. I’m tied of being a slave I want to control my own life now.


As I was watching this video and just as peter ask “what is your why” my six year old son walked into the room and asked me when we could get his wallet so he can start getting bitcoins. He started going on about how he wants to mine and start trading. Listening to him talk all I could think is “this is my why”. My children having a part of an amazing future that is coming.

I know the next 10 years we are going to have some incredible upheavals in life such as the hurricane Michael that just hit or the stock market crashing but I also know that these next 10 years are going to create the new wealth of the world. Crypto is just one piece of a larger puzzle that I’m working on to be the new wealth that will be an impact for generations to come.


I’m learning everyday what does it mean to be a man! Crypto revealing a loot about my own behavior and all emotions going on.

I’m happy to be here, happy to learn and happy to be alive. The best things are still ahead of me!


If you go look at this course, and watch the video, they elegantly state the obvious: There is entirely to much data for any human to consume to properly understand the markets to trade safely. Machine learning, AI, and neural-networks are the answer. I will never stop learning, it is part of my DNA, I love new greater understandings. THANKS PETER.



I guess I’m a 5 percenter :joy:. Nah I’ve been down for the long haul since day 1. Not really into the risky business of trading. But, I do see why it’s tempting for so many. I’d rather play it safe than end up rekt.