#b90x - DAY 33 - Self-Deception




  • Short-term pleasure of eating is stronger for her than the delayed pleasure and health benefits of weight loss
  • The short-term pleasure of making incremental (small and impulsive) trades - going for the short-term thrills of gambling in the markets
  • They deceive themselves and play games with themselves
  • Lying to others is bad enough, lying to yourself is hopeless
  • Books are full of good books on dieting, but the world is full of overweight people!
  • I can give you the knowledge on how to live a great cryptolifestyle, but only you can supply the motivation
  • TODAY’S B90X - Self-reflection - how do you deceive yourself? Write it down. let us know in the thread. how have you been deceiving yourself in life? forget bitcoin for a second. consider your fuller life?
  • What thought processes have you been struggling with, personally, that diminish the fullness of life you COULD be having?
  • let us know in the thread below!

#B90X - Full Trading, Market, and Personal Psychology 10 Part Series

Hi, CryptoNation

And today I will share my personal lies. Most of my life I was convinced that I want to be mega smart with no emotions, I was thinking that emotions are the evil of our lives. I devised myself, that power is to be unemotional. But now, I have understood this. The true power is, to be honest with yourself, to be able to feel and share those feelings.
The first step to go through this is to be open, that why I do share this with CryptoNation. Be honest with yourself.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


@Roman - thank you for your honesty and candor. You set a wonderful example for us here at the Pub.

I shall reveal something about me.

I have often deceived myself into thinking that I can do most things myself. This is just not true.

My real success has always been when others have helped me, whether explicit or not. I cannot go the road alone. I need others by my side.


To be honest, it’s my story too) I was like a lone wolf until I met my friends who helped to become a person to whom I am now.
I have to thank them every day.
Thank you @Peter for building such a great community)


I can’t wait to watch this with my honey tonight. This is our version of Viagra :grin:


My self-deception is that I believe I can get more done than I possibly can. I am the perennial optimist. No matter how many times I do fail to achieve all I set out to, I at least get back up on the horse and try again…so, it’s a two-edged sword to say the least. Where it matters most those is with those you made overly optimistic promises to and it stings me to the core whenever I miss on my promises. As my business grows and my clientele grows, I’ve got to continually boost my time-management skills and work even harder to surround myself with good people. And that, my fellow #cryptonauts is one of the hardest things for me to do for I am naturally a self-reliant person.

I am learning it’s ok to say, “no, that will take longer” than to try to agree to everything and accidentally find yourself on the death march to deadlines.


Thank you @Roman. Kudos to you for being alive and being self aware. When you realize that to be ultra smart and respected by others you have to be open and vulnerable, that is when you will see that you are indeed mega smart. #awesome


My self deception has been a life long issue. While I am always pushing others to achieve their goals, I sometime fall short of my potential (be it weight control, upward mobility in my company, friend relationships, etc) because I believe that one bad day is not all that bad. The issue is when that one bad day comes several times in the shorter time period, it no longer is a one off event. It is now a habit and a self defeating principle that will never allow me to reach my potential. I need to begin to stop “letting myself off the hook”. I need to be true to myself and hit my goals…daily. Thanks CryptoNation for allowing me to grow to be the best person that I can today and in the future!


Too much self-confidence.
Not respecting my weaknesses and always trying to fix them. Well that’s not a good approach. You can’t fix everything,
Dopamine addiction - daytrading, I am extremely happy with my results, but not happy with the time it consumes.
My high IQ lures me into overthinking things. I overanalyze people’s motives and actions, and rarely trust them. I have deep psychological problems: I consider cheating when someone does the same thing for living forever, like it’s a lesser form of living. World is such a great place with so much knowledge in it, and people stop after discovering 1%. I completely change what I do once a year because once I figure out everything about a topic, it becomes boring, and I want to do something else and new. Curiosity is very strong impulse in me. Loops and repetitive tasks make me cringe.
I absolutely don’t care about money, stockpiling it, proving my social status. I care about doing what I want to do - freedom in it’s truest form. Money is just tool of independence.
I consume energy drinks, believe I can stop, but when I don’t consume them for days, my head hurts. I guess caffeine addiction is real.


Thank you @SpeediMike) I want to be successful so I need to be honest with myself)


We need to ensure you find powerful ways to use your brain power here at the pub.


I always deceive myself thinking that I can make up for the things that I didn’t get done, the next day. And like that starts a cycle of self disappointment and pain. Procrastination is truly challenging when you don’t have deadlines forced by others. I think that this system makes us stop respecting ourselves. We get to the point where we only do stuff out of fear and when it comes to our personal goals, we deceive ourselves thinking that we have enough time so we postpone everything, ending up with a life full of regrets.
I also deceive myself thinking that some people can change and that things will get better, after being shown time and time again that it remains the same. I should think more about your evidence based approach, you being a data scientist, haha. That correlates with forgiving and forgetting stuff too fast, forgetting the pain and sorrow.
So at this point in my life, I think that these are the ways I deceive myself most often. Thank you for everything you do and for your reminders to take action!


Procrastination is a killer. Glad you’re writing these out. Keep to it. Continue to knock things out!

Keep going man. Learn from past so you can make better decisions today!


My self-deception is not living in the moment.
I have had a problem of over thinking what has happened in the past & over thinking into the future which results in not enjoying the present moment.


Making progress. Down 10 lbs since starting B90x… learning and making gains… and learning tough lessons I will never forget… owning your shit - key to growth. :wink:


I’m in the same boat @SpeediMike my whole adult life has been a paradox of fear to fail and fear to succeed at the same time. The Pub has helped motivate me in accountability to reach my full potential for once in my life…no more running.


…you complete me friendo… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: feel less alone knowing I’m not alone with these thoughts…


I’m so thrilled to hear that it has helped you.


Now this is what I love to hear!!!


Difficult topic, especially because, by it’s very nature, your brain doesn’t want you to think about what you are deceiving yourself with.

Alcohol is a big one for me, I used to drink a lot more than I do now. After budgeting from earlier in the b90x challenge I realised I was spending a lot of money, not only on alcohol but on buying lost items from nights out (e.g. mobile phones, memory cards etc) and more importantly it was costing me a lot of time that I wasn’t really enjoying. Now I share a bottle of wine with my flatmate every evening, I justify it by telling myself that it’s less than before, it’s cheap and healthier than beer…

Other thought processes that I’ve been struggling with are over-worrying and trying to please everyone else and neglecting myself. I’ve been trying to deal with the latter problem after a spell of insomnia that eventually lead to collapsing, probably caused by stress and depression. I learned after this that you have to look after yourself otherwise you won’t be able to help others. My current worry is about quitting my job and living the life that I want to. I’m currently on holiday and for some reason I feel guilty for taking the holiday pay that I’ve worked for and I feel like I would be letting staff and students down if I were to quit, however, I find my profession very stressful and time consuming.