#B90X - DAY 32 - Fear, Greed, Goals, Trading Rules



I like that “FUD SHIELD”.


I can’t hear that enough! That’s so valuable!


Fear: My fear is not knowing or understanding what I’m doing so I hesitate. I’m working on learning and practicing as much as I can so that I master this and with any new skill it is a given to crash and burn but you just have to get back up, learn from it and start again so that removes the fear for me. I really like being able to buy a little bit at a time to acquire over the long term.

Greed: I’m hoping that with my goals in place that when the coins hit the marks I’ve set that I won’t be tempted by greed however I’ve calculated step selling and hodling points so I will have to deal with that when I make it to that time.

Goals:To do something daily to increase my knowledge, wisdom and skills. To master the trading tools and trading. Gather and hodl coins/tokens at the limits I have set. Provide the desired lifestyle and security for my family.

Trading rules: As I learn I’m sure more rules will come however from now on I will always use RSI (over 70 under 30) and MACD (potential cross over) to locate potential entrance and exit points and do TA to confirm what I will do but I’m still learning. At least it’s a start. :grin: