#B90X - DAY 32 - Fear, Greed, Goals, Trading Rules



I like that “FUD SHIELD”.


I can’t hear that enough! That’s so valuable!


Fear: My fear is not knowing or understanding what I’m doing so I hesitate. I’m working on learning and practicing as much as I can so that I master this and with any new skill it is a given to crash and burn but you just have to get back up, learn from it and start again so that removes the fear for me. I really like being able to buy a little bit at a time to acquire over the long term.

Greed: I’m hoping that with my goals in place that when the coins hit the marks I’ve set that I won’t be tempted by greed however I’ve calculated step selling and hodling points so I will have to deal with that when I make it to that time.

Goals:To do something daily to increase my knowledge, wisdom and skills. To master the trading tools and trading. Gather and hodl coins/tokens at the limits I have set. Provide the desired lifestyle and security for my family.

Trading rules: As I learn I’m sure more rules will come however from now on I will always use RSI (over 70 under 30) and MACD (potential cross over) to locate potential entrance and exit points and do TA to confirm what I will do but I’m still learning. At least it’s a start. :grin:



Yes!!! Now we’re getting into the stuff I like! Psychology.


I like it, too! Couldn’t be remind it enough!


Mind games are everywhere…


That FOMO yo. Not buying enough on the dips. Honesty in the space, is this real? Is it all worth it?

Idealistic, I am number 1, sociology principals pertaining to most humans but we are told to resist and fight against. I battle almost on the daily


The hard time for me is not wanting to use a little bread money and move beyond my “whopping” $30 a week DCA. I am not going to actually trade until I have my ticket to the show.