#B90X - DAY 32 - Fear, Greed, Goals, Trading Rules



omg, this materials are so good. Can wait tommorow


The fomo can be real in this market… patience is key


I just got bitch-slapped with some knowledge… Market psychology in my opinion probably play a more important role in crypto than in the traditional market because of the fast pace. Excited for the next video!


I have many coins that get blown with the wind. If we pump again I’m out of half of them :slight_smile:


Majority of my money is in BTC, ICX and I have few altcoins but less than 30% of my total investment so there’s not much fear when BTC and ICX swing up and down like a yo-yo but as the days goes by and I finish another day of B90X, I have been learning more and more about how to be a smarter investor, especially when it comes to taking profits, entry points, exit points and how to use many more useful tools to make educated decisions. Thanks to all of this, I guess it has made me more conscious and more careful than ever before investor/trader but at the same time, because of all this new knowledge I have added, I have also become more greedy.

Before, when I first got in crypto, I didn’t know much about cryptocurrency’s and only knew about Bitcoin and ICON so I put my money in both hoping that if just put it in a ledger and storage it somewhere safe and around 5 years later or later, I take it out and it could be worth the future of my future kids.(I want a big family so I was gonna need a lot of greens)

Nowadays, I still consider myself a long-term HODLer overall and for example, my BTC are stored safe and those don’t get touched but as of late I have swing traded with some of my ICX coins and actually made some good gains from some altcoins but I don’t do it very often. I am an emotional person and during those trade days, my blood pressure probably doubled, especially when those digits went below my initial entry price. That’s why I learned I am better at just HODLing and forgetting about it but at the same time, I’m not gonna lie, when I see the market swing and I see a good entry point, I get tempted to throw in some coins… but after some thinking, I remember that ultimately, the safest move is to do nothing, at least for me.

In my opinion, knowledge is power but power goes hand to hand with greed. Adding to my previous post, if we learn how to balance and control greed + knowledge. We should all have a smooth roadtrip overall with some small bumps here and there but what it doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


Have you checked out the past few B90X courses?
They mostly talk about your questions, if you haven’t checked them out, I recommend it.


Right, yeah I checked them out, they were helpful!



great advice. Thank you for the mentoring.

  • FEAR
    Only fear in this market is not hitting my end of the year goal. Which isn’t a big deal either way still hodling years after.
    Greed affects my DCA sometimes when I see it dip on Wednesday I buy in. Usually drops even lower on Friday but either way always DCA only on Wednesday and Fridays.
    Accumulate X amount of coins based on realistic EOY price predictions for X amount of fiat.
    Take small profits as coin climbs to exiting point.
    Buy at cost and hodl or buy more at cost during dip and hodl.