#b90x - DAY 31 - #1 Tip in Crypto Trading



My research is @Duttydirtz @K_Godel @kryptokenzie :beetconnect:

But no seriously been DCAing first bought into ICX at $7 my average is around $2 because of it though. All good in here. Trust in the Korean peepurr.


I’m still doing my DCA. And love how my average is going down. Today i finally set goals to take profit. Love how i get more structure in my investment strategies.


Do your own research! - always
Set the goal before you make a trade!
Executes when price reach your goal mark
Take the profits and enjoy!



I’ve set goals for my short term exits however I’m still working on my long term exit goals. I’m looking at doing stepping goals that take a percentage at certain price gains however I still will need to work on them. :thinking: