#b90x - DAY 31 - #1 Tip in Crypto Trading



yeah, enjoy the ride guys !


Reallyy really good advice. I think emotions are a bi*ch sometimes and can betray us, depending on the situation of course but greed is like the fingerprints that we leave in our smartphones;
We wipe it time after time after time but no matter how many times we wipe, it always comes back. I think they key is to learn how to balance it and if you achieve that, you got a clear coast ahead with low winds.

Also, that coin review template :heart:
Honestly, thank you so much brotha!


This was a great B90x lesson for the Market sentiment today. Still drinking from a fire hose thinking about the future of crypto. Especially that Korean BBQ.


What’s that? What is Korean BBQ?


You know Icon is the king of Korean BBQ a lot of projects cooking over there though.


Korean BBQ is something really close to me for long time. Since The Booins said that.
But I have no idea what it’s.


184 patrons left over to 1.000. I will ask Booins of that. That will be my question.

We need 184 more Patrons!


Korean BBQ is Peters slang for Korean crypto projects. But actual Korean BBQ food is good af too though lol


Thank you for the answer.


DYOR, and set clear goals… clear goals produce clear results!


FUD and FOMO – been there, done that, and still suffering from it.:bowing_man:
Here is some wise advice: What the Dogelord said is wise advice.
There should be a song :musical_note: called “If I Only Knew Now What I Wish I Knew Then”
Day 31 – I could sing it along the beaten path to Day 32 :footprints:



I have 16 coins in my portfolio with clearly defined exit points (that I hope to execute within the year). I have one true-HODL coin (BTC). I have a few long term holds, but I don’t know how to determine their exit point. Can anyone help me develop a strategy for a long term hold? My long term holds are the following:


How do you determine your exit point/price for your long term coins?


Oh CRAP! The real work begins. The worksheet will be very helpful, but, I’m relatively new. This translates to “I’m not sure where to find the information” I pray I will not be a nuisance to the rest of the pub. I’m going to be asking questions. Not for recommendations on a particular coin, but how to find who is managing this coin, and what makes them worthy of admiration. But then the real thing is, how am I, the crypto Layman, able to judge with my limited experience. OUCH. This sounds like a blog I should be conducting on YEN.IO.
The truth of the matter is that I have been taking the easy way out. I have not been trading on emotion, but I have been trading on recommendation that sound sound, but I have not been doing the homework myself… This is going to change.


No FOMO!!! :slight_smile:

I’m really enjoying these B90X trainings!


Decided to do another one because for some reason I felt like I didnt do not need yesterday, even though day 29 shows 1d ago. Ah well. This is a good bit of info to ask yourself questions about a coin. It’s also a great reminder for making a plan and sticking with it. Good stuff!


Research, research, research is the key when investing in a new coin. got it

At this moment I am concentrating on getting that first Whole BTC. And all of my intention and attention are on the actions needed to raise the capital. The game for me is getting that ticket to the moon.

So, when I do get to the point of investing in alt-coins, i will review this vid and work the worksheet.


Really good info. Goals are very important. These last several videos have led me to my first trade about an hour ago. Update incoming. :+1: And I can honestly answer I have no idea who Satoshi Nakamoto is :rofl: But My math isn’t bad :rocket::crescent_moon:


I am guilty of not doing MOR on my early “investments” and I have suffered as a result.


I am very much guilty of not setting goals on investments or trades that I did early on. Some of which ballooned to like 13x but I didn’t sell as my mind was on long term and now it hurts. Setting the goals for both short and long term investments/trades are very important and is a skill I’m working on.