#B90X - DAY 30 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Relative Strength Index (RSI) - GUARANTEED GAINS!



Have been using RSI, because it is very easy to understand this indicator. Very simple


just wanted to say thank you peter for all the knowledge loving your b90x program!!


Hit 30 days!

MACD + RSI = Marriage!

I’ll be using RSI mostly for buying Litecoin and Bitcoin for sure.


Great information. I’ll be looking into this as learn more about TA. :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:


MACD AND RSI best couple ever. When I will feel better and finally get up from bed and back to life and :100: work I will need to go back to those two.


RSI gonna hit :100: when Bitcoin moons!!:new_moon:


Keeping my eyes on ZIL using MACD and RSI


This was my favorite TA vid thus far! :wink: Day 30 in the books!! :wink:


Soo simple yet so useful. Like always, thanks for sharing brotha!
B90X 1/3 completed. :hulksmash:


1 month down :muscle: can’t wait for 180 days down. Big dip like first time around 30 days in. But the gains end of the 90 days :rocket:


RSI tells you how strong the herds of investors are moving INTO and OUT of an investment.


Peter, thanks for the lead to this trading view site. It is now my favorite.
Looking back to beginning of year (2018) and noticing all the RSI oversold shark fins of 2017. Wow. The chart speaks to me, “Buy and HODL, my son”
This learning has really upped my game. Thanks
DAY 30 – B90X, one-third of the way to destination and plenty of fuel.:rocket:


I was so excited about this tool that I forgot to report how excited I was about this tool. I’ve been looking at charts on and off all day.


This really helped…with this and the MACD I will be stepping up my game.


This is a great tool for sure! I’m going to watch this for a few cycles to see if my prediction is correct