#B90X - DAY 30 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Relative Strength Index (RSI) - GUARANTEED GAINS!



My analysis:

And my screenshot :slight_smile: :


Solid! Isn’t it a powerful tool???


Is incredible to know that we are getting all this education for free. Shortly, I hope to support this community as a Patron.

Today February 11, 2018. I have started my patreon journey. I’m going to the moon.


We are glad you’re here! The journey has only just begun!


Fantastic! I can’t wait to go back and look at these indicators and analyze my entries into positions thanks for the video. I’m lovin the Pub!


This is how I trade - just on the shark fins


Made it through day 30! Although I must confess that I did it in about 10 days. I wanted to be sure to get through most of the technical analysis before my first trade. I will probably start to slow it down not to one per day to ensure I make it a habit. Thanks a lot @peter for helping to change my life and goals.


Stick in there. It’ll be worth it in the end!


Put it all together and made my first buy to start DCA!


Still here enjoying your lessons. These tools are really cool and have helped me make my best buys to date.


Glad you’re sticking in there!
Add them all together and you win!


It’s a 90 day challenge right?
I will be here in 90 days!
Is there by chance a certificate of completion?


Not sure… we’d have to create a system that checks whether people have posted 90 times in all of these threads…


I’ll get my daughter to make me one.
But seriously thank you for the work you have put into all of this. I am learning so much and making better decisions after each lesson.
It’s great fun! I really enjoy doing this stuff.
Cheers Peter.


We’re gonna need a bigger screen…
NEO has been pretty darn stable the last month, except for this point it’s been two weeks since it was last oversold, and only a few times in that time period has it been overbought, and then only by a tiny bit.
When you only look at the candles it looks like it’s pumping and dumping all the time.

Here’s to another 60 days. :clinking_glasses:


1 month in :metal:
10 years to go


Loving these indicators. I guarantee there are paid courses out there that don’t even make it this easy to understand… Thanks as always.

Seems like me and @bamse are riding this train together. :+1:t4: Let’s GO!!


Definitely useful tools!!! Thanks Peter!


RSI is a go… but have to wait for an MACD confirmation… golden cross… great stuff Peter… many thanks… to the moon…


thanks for explaining this to us peter. wow this is supper useful. you are helping me a lot and now I’m starting to show others all this good info. I’m trying to get everyone I know involved. lol