#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I’m doing this so that I don’t have to regret that I didn’t do it later. I do it for the future and I’m having fun doing it. #b90x :no_good_man:


My conviction is to be able to support myself and my family in a way that we haven’t seen before. I also want a skill that I can pass on to my kids that allows them to grind money in a unconventional way.


I’m doing it for the family, plus this crypto stuff is just sooo damn interesting!!


To be completely honest, I’m a bit of a lone rider at this point in my life. No wife, no kids (although I’d love to have both some day if I find the right person).

I do however have a dream to one day to outfit a large scale music production studio, and that’s what I would like my investments in crypto help build.

so yeah, that’s the long and the short of it. looking forward to tomorrow’s B90x


I am convinced we are in the first stage (maybe the last phase of the first stage considering I did not have BITCOIN on my radar when it was mere pennies) of a great evolution and innovation. I love being counterculture and thinking and doing and living in a different way than the status quo. Let’s make this thing work for the benefit of all. With Integrity and honesty and discipline and guidance our internal compass will lead us into something great!


I’m doing this because I believe in the technology to make big impact. I had heard about bitcoin several years ago, but didn’t give it more than a passing thought. I thought, “a virtual currency? Sounds like fake money!” It wasn’t until I looked into the technology that made bitcoin possible, the blockchain, that my interest as a software engineer piqued. If the internet allowed the decentralized transfer of data, then blockchain allows the decentralized transfer of value. And that’s a big deal.

Oh, and the possibility to make some big gaainzz!!!


My conviction is that I’m investing in my future and possibly one of the biggest monetary revolutions in history. :rocket:


Doing this for the loved ones :slight_smile:
Better future.
Don’t need to work for the man.


Like everyone else I’m doing this for family. And not just this generation, I would like to get my hands on enough that I wouldn’t ever have to sell it all and the wealth could just be handed down through the generations. So that in a hundred years my great great grandkids can be like, wow we are so lucky great gramps got into crypto before most of the world!

And oh yeah sticking it to the fed and all those crooks would make it that much sweeter!


I’m doing this because I don’t trust the bank. I’m doing this for myself and for the generations that are coming after ours. When the people have the power, the government works for them… lately I feel like the people are working for the government. I have some fear that this whole thing won’t work that the banks and government are going to stop everything in its tracks… but my hope won’t let me stop.


I am doing this for my family, the most sacred of all possession. I am doing this for me and Humanity.

I am doing this for every soul that exists.


as ive stated elsewhere, im no longer physically capable of working in construction, ship building or mining industry and i wholly believe that my brain function has been adversely affected by so many anesthetics from having had so many operations over the last ten years, im not sure if this damage is permanent but it presently rules out the option of returning to formal study(if anyone knows of a magical ‘brain boost’ remedy please let me know). Ive set myself to learning as much as i possibly can about the crypto market and trading so i dont become a member of the future peasantry but to also help a number of friends and family members. Other than a tiny mortgage, which i could pay off tomorrow i have no other debts, but this has come at a price as ive stated above.


invest for me and my mom


I don’t know where it was posted but someone made a parody of Forrest Gump when he receives the letter about being shareholder in apple, but with bitcoin, but that is kind of where I would like to go with this thing. I just want to be able to not worry about money being a cause for concern in my life or the life to those I hold dear. I might be doing it for myself and my close circle, but if the value grows, the circle of what I can do financially and who I can assist in my life also grows.

Another part of my conviction is also to look for opportunities and to follow the development of this part of the tech market. Good times ahead.


Three reasons I do this:

  1. Hatred of the parasitic fiat banking system

  2. To maintain/grow my purchasing power

  3. I want to be a part of the most significant technological achievement of our time.


I do this for my family and my friends. Simply, I want to be able to give back to them the support they’ve given me all this time. I also want to do this for myself so that I can be more financially free to pursue things I am passionate about (atm that’s trying to get into postgraduate research and my martial arts goals) more fully without having to worry as much about balancing my times between pursuing my happines and sustaining myself.


This is the perfect reference!!! DIGITAL HI FIVE!!!


Hell yes! Digital high fives for all :raised_hand:


During your live video you also talked about mindset. You said each morning you are thinking about what you have in order to calm and focus yourself. So you don’t want and need but you have.

I like your meditative approach to decoupe from the FOMO and FUD driving us, but I wonder whether it would be better to say “I am” instead “I have” to achieve an active and satisfying way to be.

While you talked, I immediately thought of Erich Fromms “Being and Having Modes of Existence” (see a sum up here if you don’t know him).

Since I’m looking into crypto markets I feel an inner urge and restlessness I haven’t had before. I don’t like this but maybe it comes along with this game … maybe #B90X solves it :+1: :exploding_head: :v:


Conviction to stay the course in what you believe is so critical and probably the hardest part. What I know doesn’t mean shit, but what I do consistently does. Being an early adopter is difficult because it is exhausting due to the naysayers and continued education of family and friends that are around you. Stay the course and be disciplined.