#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I’m doing this not only to learn about the crypto currency, but also to apply what I’m learning to my established Ebay business. I’m standing still, and need to take it to the next level. Thank you for putting us on the right path.


My conviction was… to be honest at first… it was to make a lot of money. But then, I actually started learning about what I had invested into and it was mind blowing. I had done prior research into banking and how our monetary system works, personally I feel that it has flaws. Once I researched about bitcoin, which I will be honest it was after I had already purchased some. I was astonished. I feel that a decentralized cryptocurrency can be the best thing that happened to mankind to date. Now the road to finding out which decentralized cryptocurrency is the greatest and will provide the most value to mankind is going to be absolutely crazy but boy will it be a ride. So my conviction now, is to just be part of this world altering movement that will happen, it is just a question of how long and the more people that are involved the faster we will achieve the best means of payment for humanity. Which in turn will improve the lives of everyone on this planet. Don’t get me wrong though I am hoping to make some monetary gains along the way. But it is no longer the reason I am in this.


Having a way to improve the world for my children, grandchildren and future generations through the projects I’m working on and not doing all I can to accomplish them is it’s own form of hell. To look back in 20 years and have to say “if only I…” is a nightmare that I have no desire to have. It may be a negative pain that drives me to make it through the ups and downs but I know focusing on what I want in the long run for my immediate family and future generations and doing my best every day to take steps towards that vision will push me through any daily issues that may arise.


The conviction that leads me everyday is that I am not here alone. I operate with the things I have been given from the people that came before me and the ones who are around now. This body isn’t even mine, it was a gift from my parents and their parents on down the line. What you may see as this body is the energy it has taken from the food that was ingested, you see the banana I ate, and the apple. With this in mind, I strive to better myself and my community!
Much love


I’m in it for the fun;)


Am 24 now, and graduated last year. After spending one year in 9-5 job I reaffirmed what I had known long time before that I do not want to participate in the rat-race cycle, and I want to have financial freedom / living lifestyle I wish for. Thus, I have chosen a challenging path of creating own business (es).
At the moment, creating a project which is based around cryptography and learning is a must for me. Being as much knowledgeable as possible is the way how I feel confident and how I can progress further within the field.