#b90x - Day 29 - Technical Analysis 101 - Moving Averages for the win! Best tool to use for trading!



I thought I had commented on this on Sunday but I guess not. This was very valuable information. I have heard about using the MACD but have never really put the time in to learn it.


This will be rewatched when it’s time for my next trade to make sure all is good.


Without a doubt the best tool to fight fomo and fud. Great info Pete :+1:


Basics on candles now on too indicators :muscle:


Man these TA mini classes are just so good.


I’ve never really used the MACD before. I now understand how good a tool it can be.


I’m really loving the b90x so far, i had an idea about some fundamentals and also moving averages, i wanted to go back to the basics and focus more in this space. So far the way they are explained and the examples that are given are great!!

Cant’ wait to get through all the vids! :grinning::+1:


Moving average is simple but powerful!


@peter What is the difference between MACD and MA? Adding the MACD it doesn’t follow the same pattern as the MA. Should I just be watching the crossovers on the MACD instead of the MA?


Hi Peter:

I’m one of your new Pirates and am going through the b90x again, but with comments to participate as part of the overall exercise and training to becoming a Bitcoin Professional and what comes with it.

I like the MACD, it really allows me to visualize and understand the market. I have made sure to look at the MACD along with the RSI to make my purchase.

I may not be replying or rewatching the 90 day challenge in the same order, but I have immersed myself with your apps and all that you have created and I am very impressed. I would like to model what I learn from you…I’m thinking of making a Youtube channel sharing my knowledge.


I see the benefit of the MACD but am wondering if the SMA is becoming more useful, this is due to my seeing reports that Bitcoin is starting to become somewhat in Sync the the S&P. Is this true or FUD?



This reassured my inability to do TA. That is all.



13 ema crossing 21 ema, potential of making up some of the recent price dip, probably going sideways a little bit first though.